Pssst. We get to go to Disney World again! 9/28-10/2

I can’t believe it! I was born in 71. I’m the same age as WDW. I spent my whole life without even considering the possibility of a trip to Disney World. But in 2013, at 42 years old, a business trip got me to Orlando and a new era began. Since then I’ve been 3 more times, each time assuming it to be the last. But I assumed wrong.

My best buddy is a DVC member. His son and my son are best friends. Out of nowhere he bought the flights and tickets for a trip . All I have to buy is food. And with my Disney VISA points, I’m already half way to budget!

So for the next few weeks, I’ll do what I’ve always done. I’ll be right here, reading the threads, gleaning the wisdom, and hyping myself for another amazing trip. Thank you, Liners, for all you do to help one another have the most magical Disney vacations ever!


So, first question. I’ve never been to WDW in the fall. The crowds are low and the weather ain’t bad. I’m not really interested in the Halloween stuff - but I do get into food and wine. Any great suggestions for what I shouldn’t miss?

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Congrats on getting to go back home again. No suggestions for the food and wine. But just am excited for you. You say you are not interested in the Halloween stuff but just take time to look at how beautiful the fall decorations are at the World. Fall is my favorite time to visit. I just love the “feel” of fall at Disney.


Interesting. By feel do you mean the decor/music/disney manufactured atmosphere, or is there an actual season change you can feel? I ask because our seasons don’t change out here in California, so it’s only always to do with what Disney does to dress up the place that makes it feel like fall… Oh, and the Santa Ana Winds.

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I meant it more in the atmosphere/feeling of fall!

The weather should be a little less humid and cooler for you and that may lend to feeling more like fall in that sense also but nothing like the change to fall here in PA.

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I have to say, you’d have to try to not have a good time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you can, I would highly advise going to any hard ticket party. We went to MVMCP last year and it was awesome.

If your son is younger, he might not care about the food and wine festival as much as you do. But, if he is older, he might like it too. I have younger daughters, so I didn’t get to “Eat Around The World” like I wanted, but I still had some good food. The Cronut in Canada is worth the price of admission alone. It’s AMAZING!


Good point. I’ll definitely give the Halloween stuff a chance to haunt me. The parade looks kinda amazing.

My son is a 16 year old who loves World Showcase and will be down with all that. He’ll have his good buddy there with him too, so I’m not worried about them getting bored. They’re collectors and pin traders too so they should be good.

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