Proper Room Request Wording - Pop Century

we are not particular about building or pool or any of that type hotel feature… what we like, in a perfect world, is the top floor, corner room of the outer edges (not the order near the elevator area) … there are only 60 rooms like that at Pop… preferably 3436 but would take any 4th floor, corner edge room… is that how i should phrase it??? i know if i reference a room they may assign 3435 or 3434… but i’d rather a corner room in another building over the room next door… i’m a super light sleeper (i even run a sound app) but if a noise is continual it is all i will be able to hear ha ha ha! not saying i wont get the Incredible Hulk sleeper next door or below but it lowers my chances :wink: my choice after a corner room on top floor would be top floor in general… wording advice please!!! and thank you :slight_smile:

I’d select that room, and then put your preferences in order in the free text box. I do feel like ‘top floor corner room not near the elevator’ is too specific and will probably result in disappointment. I’d pick one of those as your top priority and rank them:
1 - top floor
2- corner room
3 - not near elevator
Or whatever order you prefer.

Thanks so much!