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I’m coming out of hiding again to ask a question. I have mentally committed to doing the half marathon during marathon weekend. They just released all of the info like pricing and details about registration. I’m planning on using my local half marathon, which happens in September, as proof of time. I don’t need to be in the front, but I think like most others that I’ve heard from, I also really don’t want to be in the last. I typically run at an 11:30 pace when I am motivated.

This is what the website says today:

  • Proof of Time must be submitted at the time of registration. You may change your proof of time until the deadline of September 27, 2022. No changes can be made after September 27, 2022. If data provided is incomplete or cannot be verified, you will be placed in the last start group.

I do not have any elligible race times to submit as proof of time at registration. Does this mean I’m out of luck and can’t add my Sept 24 race after I run it, because I need to submit one when I register on April 19? I don’t think there are even any USATF certified 10ks in my area until May.


It means on 4/19 you submit your expected pace 11:30/mi.

Then BEFORE THE DEADLINE of 9/27, you go in and update with your actual proof of time from a USATF certified course.

If you can get one done earlier than 9/24 though I’d do it. If anything goes wrong and you can’t run that race, or don’t perform as expected, you’ll land in back of pack



During the registration, you will be asked to answer a question like the following:


Select “Over 2 hours 15 minutes (Proof of Time Not Required)”.

The next question would probably be:


At an 11:40 pace, you are looking at a time of 2:32:57. Select a time close to that from the list.

Most likely you will not need a proof of time for the event. They typically are only looking for a proof of time from those that run under 2 hours or so. However, it does change from year to year.

If there is also a question about your pace, put the 11:40 number in it. That will get you in the correct corral.

Hope that helps.


Thank you both so much, this is extremely helpful information.

I agree, Sept. 24 is cutting it uncomfortably close. I’m looking for another that fits with my training schedule. :blush:

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Just a quick update. I did find a USATF certified 10k in my area in August. It’s going to be hot but hopefully I’ll be done running before the sun comes up too much. I ran a comfortable 5k today with 11:30 pace so I’m pretty confident that things will stay on track.

Unnecessary backstory: This is the first time in eight years that I’ve done endurance events due to a birth injury and then a horrible bout with anemia and hypothyroidism that caused me to be incredibly sluggish and tired. I’m really hoping that my medicine has balanced out and my doctor is encouraging me to take this back up again, so Disney is going to be a huge motivator/reward


That’s great that you found a 10k. What is your expected finish time for the 10k? I believe for it to translate to a 2:15 half, it needs to be under 1:03.

My goal is to run the 10k in 1:12:00 or under and the half in 2:30:00. My PR for a half is 2:14:(and some seconds, I don’t remember exact) but I was much younger and much healthier. :blush:

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That’s a great goal!

Are you running the 1/2 in January? They are only taking proof of time for 2:15 & under for that race. Last year it was under 2 hours, so it is getting better.

Maybe you will be able to use your proof of time for a later race if they change it back to under 2:30 or under 2:45.

Yes, the january one. I had been told by others that it was required if you plan to run it in under 2:15 but you could opt to submit one if you were going to run over 2:15 but didn’t want to be in the very last corral. This was consistent with what I saw on the website that said if you don’t submit a proof of time you will be placed in the last corral. It does seem like it’s changed. (I’m afraid of the balloon ladies!!!) I think this 10k and the local half in September are good goals even if I can’t submit proof of time, that was just a good motivator :slight_smile: