Profmatt’s podcast rant


Now that the planning stage of my December trip is over my addiction is craving further Disney stimulus.

I’ve long been a fan of the Backside of Magic podcast. It’s funny, irreverent, not marred by advertising, they get to the point and it’s not overlong.

Is it really the only one?

I looked for more but the ones I’ve tried are awful. In desperation I downloaded the Capture the Magic podcast. It took over seven minutes to get to the point. We had to suffer through tedious “how was your Thanksgiving” banter first. And the guys then just rambled vaguely on about Christmas at WDW without having done any research. The number of times they said “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” or “I think it’s maybe”. Ugh.

But at least it was under an hour. WDW Prep to Go podcasts can easily run to over two hours. I’m looking for something to listen to while I walk my dog. Not while I climb Mount Everest.

Can someone please recommend a podcast that is well-informed, gets to the point and isn’t overlong.

Or maybe I should catch up on the Backside of Magic back catalogue?


I like Be our guest podcasts. Very well informed and usually are about 30 min. They come out M, W, F every week.


Yeah…I listen to CTM and their other podcast, Main Street Magic…I have my issues with those podcasters and generally hit fast forward a bunch. I also listen at 1.25x speed to move it along a bit faster. I love WDW PTG though and like the length of it - but I listen while I work or do housekeeping activities so I don’t need it to be short and sweet. Len Testa and Jim Hill also have a podcast - I think it’s called Disney Dish. Not much chit chat there.

I like the Disney Dream Girls podcast (can be chit chatty) and Dis Down Under. I also do some of The Dis podcasts. Finally the Tomorrow Society Podcast.

I may have a podcast problem.


Be Our Guest Podcast is good and very upbeat. You can fast forward through the commercials at the beginning at end.
The DIS has good podcasts. They are brutally honest with their opinions. Which is good, but sometimes more negative.
I like WDW today which has some information, but mostly they are just entertaining.
WDW PTG podcasts has mostly become trip reports. Sometimes her own. The 2 hr ones are guest call-in trip reports. She has started doing a friday news podcast that just covers the news of the week which is nice.


Have you tried Len Testa and Jim Hill’s The Disney Dish podcast? It was a little difficult to find on an android app, but I use Stitcher to get it. They have a similar banter to BoM and I don’t think they are too long. I like the sort of irreverent history that they provide and some insider secrets as well. Jim is notorious for his 60/40 success rate at divulging “secrets” and rumors, but I find him quite interesting.

I’m going to be honest that I’ve unfortunately soured a bit on BoM due to their over reliance on scams/hacks/tricks. I don’t mind many of them but sort of draw the line at their suggestion to tell the toll booth attendants that you made a wrong turn to avoid paying for parking or suggesting places to hide to sneak into MNSSHP. And an entire episode dedicated to getting an old version of the app was ridiculous. I feel like people with as many trips as them don’t need change party that badly.


WDWRadio is the only one I listen to.


I am way more interested in those tricks (and I suspect/hope they are) for the sake of finding them than for the sake of using them. I found the “how to sneak into MVMCP episode” fascinating even though I have no intention of ever doing it, just because I think it’s an interesting thing to think about. I LOVE nerdy board games and I spent about 90% of my playing time thinking “what little edge case can I exploit to gain an advantage here.” I am super proud to say that I have caused at least one game in beta to require significant redesign because of a strategy I discovered. I get the exact same fix listening to BoM.

That said, I have used a few of their tricks to my advantage.


I find the Best & Worst of Walt Disney World funny, but I like their sense of humor. I could definitely see people not liking if it they don’t enjoy the humor of the group that hosts it.


I listen regularly to:
Backside of Magic
Be Our Guest (though these guys give more misinformation than you might think, but I love the format and multiple shows per week)
Resort Loop
Dis Unplugged
Radio Harambe


I really like Backside of Water, but it’s a little more more California-centered.

I’ve always meant to go back and listen to the earlier episodes of Communicore.


I have stopped listening to podcasts that provide incorrect information. My current list includes a few not listed here: The E-Ticket Report ( how does that not show up on everyone’s list?), Mighty Men of the Mouse, and Enchanted Tiki Talk.


Is this where I mention I have never listened to a single podcast, Disney or otherwise? Is this something people do when they have a long commute, or does that not have anything to do with it?


I have a 60-90 minute commute to/from work. I have not used a radio in my car in about 5 years. I also listen to some Universal podcasts.


So I was thinking more about this. And while I agree that sometimes the banter can get annoying - especially if you’re hardcore jonesin for some WDW talk - I mostly enjoy it. I like getting to know a little about the hosts of the show and what they do with their life when they aren’t talking Disney. And I also think it can provide some important context to the information they are providing. For example, Dis Unplugged is largely hosted by grown adults without children, many of whom identify as gay. I know when I listen to them I am going to get information that is super good for adults visiting the world. Corey and Julie provide some insight there around issues pertinent to visiting with children in tow. BOG is more of a family focus and I know too that they have a heavy focus on the RunDisney events. So I think that banter can help set the tone and provide that background of where they are coming from in sharing their information. Just my thoughts.


i just shout at my device. Sometimes I tag them on FB to correct their information. But otherwise I enjoy what they provide and consider myself lucky to sit among this group where I get the very best and most current information of all.


Holy crap! This would be me if I had a commute like that: :exploding_head:. Is that normal where you live? Here is takes me 7-10 minutes to get to the hospital, maybe 12 if there is ice/snow. It takes my hubby about the same to his office. I cannot believe you have to spend 2-3 hours a day commuting. Mind blown.


I don’t have a long commute. I listen while cleaning house, driving to just about anywhere, yard work, getting ready for the day (the whole shower and hair and makeup thing), cooking dinner, sometimes while shopping. Anything mundane that doesn’t need my brain’s full attention.


When I leave work at 9:00 at night, it is a 40 minute drive but Boston traffic is something many of us survive.


I don’t have a commute anymore…SAHM now…so I listen to podcasts while exercising, cooking in the kitchen, folding clothes, etc. Been doing it for a few years now!


I have only ever had a long commute once, when we lived in West Virginia. I went south about 60 miles, hubby went east a much shorter distance but on some country roads so took a long time as well. I did that for 15 months and then had to quit working as the commute was going to kill me. I was pregnant with Avery and working 12 hour night shifts, and finding myself on more than one occasion falling asleep at the wheel. That’s scary stuff right there. I hope you are able to stay awake easily, I could not stay awake for anything it seemed.