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I may have to check out a podcast. I mean, there is no problem with yet another Disney obsession right? :laughing:


I have been doing this for 16 years. I guess it may be why I feel so old these days :wink:

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Is it cost prohibitive to live closer to where you work? (or work closer to where you live?)

anyone have suggestions of a podcast to listen to for someone who has NEVER listened to a podcast before? I’d love to try them out but no idea where to start. I don’t have kids, so preferably not one geared toward families with children.

Dis Unplugged has been in the business for a very very long time. They are fair and knowledgeable and don’t just drink the koolade. I feel you can trust what they say and they have a very good, clearly identified format.

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I have been enjoying listening to them too. Do they really have a lot of misinformation? I’m still learning so maybe I just didn’t catch the mistakes. I did notice in an episode or two where they could have helped out a listener more by suggesting something more along the BoM lines but thought that they just wouldn’t bring up something that wasn’t Disney approved.

BOG? Not a lot but when you know it’s wrong it hurts your ears.

I’ve never listened to a single podcast either.

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I think what bothers me is that many Disney podcasts are hosted by travel agencies. I think it is a great way to get business, but sometimes the information has a certain “bend” to it that will benefit the agency and not the person with a question. For example, I cannot listen to BOG tell one more person that there will be two FP windows for a split stay. The new ticket structure may add a winkle or two, but there have always been ways to avoid this.

@Wahoohokie, the forum told me I should stop replying to you, so I am doing it here (I hate getting yelled at by the forum). I bought my house when I was working in this area. I promised my husband I would not ask him to move again at the time. Honestly, in this area it could take me 90 minutes to drive 10 miles (it used to take me that long to drive to UMass). For the most part, I drive against the traffic. I remember when I was planning to drive from San Diego to DL people warned about the traffic but then said, “you drive in Boston- never mind “. My commute was 45-50 minutes 10 years ago. It is just plain crazy these days.


Not Boston but when I lived in Houston, TX my commute distance was about 3 miles door to door, including a park and bus ride to my building. My DH commuted just over 40 miles out of town and beat me more than once! City traffic is no joke–but at least you have podcasts :slight_smile:

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Well I tried Dis Unplugged. After eight and a half tedious minutes of self-promotion I gave up. So then I tried Be Our Guest. After three and a half tedious minutes of “how was your Thanksgiving” I tapped out. You all know how much I love Americans, but damn you people are boring on the subject of Thanksgiving.

So I went to the back catalog of Backside of Magic. Maybe the show just really suits my personality but I love it and everything about it. They’ve made 150 episodes so far and I can’t have listened to more than half of them so they should keep me going for a while.

Anything to keep me from WDW Prep to Go’s painfully overlong trip reports. “You say you walked from BTMRR to Splash Mountain. So were you putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating the cycle?” “Yes.” “And did you start with the left foot or the right foot?” “The left.” “Interesting. I usually start with the right, but you went another way with it. How did that work out for you?” “Great.” “Cool. Isn’t Thanksgiving a crazy busy time?” “Yes. Crazy. And busy. Both, really.” Sound of iPhone being smashed against a brick wall.



Aww, man, I got excited by the subject line - my brain read it out of order and thought you were starting a podcast of rants. :wink:

I think when it comes down to it for current info podcasts, I find BoM and Disney Dish with Len & Jim Hill my go-tos. Also, Be Our Guest Listener Questions episodes are good to get a running tally of questions and answers.

I can’t do the multi-hour current event ones anymore, and just dip into them once in awhile if a particular topic seems worthwhile.

I do listen to a group of longer more history-based podcasts, which I think are more suited to sidetracks.
But I agree that for “news” format casts, I don’t want to hear that many tangents.

I’ve got 2 hours of driving (total) each work day and eleventy-three podcasts I like, many non-Disney. Can’t keep up, have to start driving in circles or quit my job.

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Love that tip to speed it up a bit.

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I am going through their archives, and after several hours of podcasts, even Backside can seem tedious and full of banter, but that’s more because of my overindulgence.

I started listening from the beginning, and that was a mistake. Many of the older tips and tricks don’t apply (which I would subsequently find out, and then feel frustrated having wasted so much time) . So perhaps don’t go back more than a year- but you’re more well-versed in Disneyology than I am so perhaps that wouldn’t trip you up. But even limiting myself to this year still leaves a lot of good stuff.

I like investigative podcasts, they’re like detective mini-series. One I’m listening to right now is called Wild Things, it’s about Sasquatch, so right in your neck of the woods, hahah! But it’s by an investigative reporter who got hooked into it because she found she was related to a prominent academician on the subject (yes, those people do exist). The whole tale is fascinating, for its psychology if nothing else.

You also might like Serial, it had a huge following, about the murder of a young woman and the (possible?) conviction of the wrong man. Again, it was investigative so very, very interesting to see the twists and turns. That one had people on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next installment. I think it was the people at NPR who sponsored it, I’m sure it’s still available. It actually led to the re-opening of the case- I won’t spoil for you what happened!

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it’s like there here too on the eastern end of Long Island. My office is 15 miles away and it takes me more than an hour in the summer to commute. Without traffic it’s 35 min. Totally bonkers

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Can confirm: Boston traffic is ATROCIOUS. And it’s gotten so much worse over the last 10 years.

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I have SO MANY recs! Here goes:

  • Serial is the OG one that really pushed podcasts to the mainstream. Skip season 2, but the first season is truly incredible.

  • Dirty John also really amazing storyelling/reporting (and it’s now a tv series!)

  • Ask Me Another is a fun, hilarious game/trivia show that always makes me chuckle

  • Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is a fascinating story about a cult

If you want something a bit oddball but still funny, I love Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone. I just think she’s hilarious.

Podcasts are fun!

Serial and Undisclosed are both in my queues. Shorter series that have ended that I enjoyed: Bear Brook, Dirty John, and S-Town.