Procrastinating on my Nov race trip

Send Liner Help! SOS!

For some strange reason I have completely procrastinated on my November Wine & Dine trip. I’m racing the 10k and Half. It’s like I have total paralysis in regards to planning.

Deciding between booking a value or Swolphin. I like the convenience of Dolphin, which is where I had wanted to stay from the get go, but the $$ keeps creeping up.

I can’t decide how many nights, if I should book through Disney as a package or book room and tickets separate. Can’t decide if I should book a split stay, one being 11/2-11/5 then take advantage of the 20% off discount 11/5 and on. All I know is I want to get there by Friday and leave the earliest of Monday night, but not do parks on Saturday.

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Dolphin sounds so convenient. I’ve never stayed at an Epcot resort but would love to. Also then there might be lots to do on boardwalk on your non park day? The 20% deal is great but might just be a pain to do a split stay to get it.
That’s my 2 cents. Good luck planning! I bet once you get over the initial stumbling block it will all fall into place.

One vote for Value because of the extra $$$ you might save! Use that for a lavish victory dinner!

OK, I am back to update while I have a quick break from work…I am doing a triple resort stay (ASM, Swan, AKL), because I am wild like that. I have tagged along with a coworker, whom I simply adore and is a big runDisney gal, then my mom comes later in my trip. 11/1-11/7.

Arriving solo 11/1 (flight not booked yet) from DCA to MCO and staying that night at All Stars Movies. Need to go to the expo and will locate food solo that night, as coworker (CW) is racing the next day. In Feb when I did this same thing, while waiting for my Dad to auto train in the next AM, I went to CR and ate at the bar of CG, then wandered around the monorail resorts. I will likely do that again.

Friday, 11/2 will get up early (not race early) and uber over to Swan for my longer resort stay, then hit HS for AM EMH. We were too “relaxed” in our FPP bookings to get Slinky Dog, but that’s ok. CW booked ADR @ 50s (@BenF12400 claims I went once when I was a kiddo, but no recollection). Probably Park Hop to Epcot for some PM rides, food and booze (light on the booze, we gotta race the next day). Going to LOVE being at the Swan for this…usually a YC/BC goer, but that’s on DF’s budget, not mine!

Saturday 11/3 3am wake up for the 10k, which I am not AT ALL trained for. No plans for the rest of the day, R&R, ice bath, etc. Maybe we need to make a brekky/lunch not in a park ADR somewhere? Any suggestions?

Sunday 11/4 3am wake up for the Half Marathon, which again, not AT ALL trained for. Will be lucky if I cross the finish line. Back to Swan for R&R then Epcot around 3pm, have our FPP for everything we (I) wanted: SE, Land, Frozen (I lose my marbles on soarin, can’t do it), then ALL the drinks and the Half Marathon party that night.

Monday 11/5 MK for the AM, Mom gets in, YAY! but she added on so last minute she doesn’t get to join our FPP for SDMT, they are all out. MK closes at 4:30pm that day, so park hop to Epcot for the PM, more wining and dining.

Tuesday 11/6, check out of Swan and head to AKL. AK for the AM…couldn’t get Mom added on to my FOP FPP that AM, but hoping my former CM friend can help us out. Also couldn’t get on a Safari FPP with me, which seems odd…they don’t have any AM safari FPP even close to my time for that day. Stay at AK or Park hop to MK. Dinner at Sanaa at 8:55…another surprise that I couldn’t get an earlier ADR. I have last minute booked Sanaa multiple times before. But, this will let us hand in pandora at night…sun sets EARLY this time of year.

Wednesday 11/7, TBD, probably AK & MK. We JUST added this day on this weekend so I haven’t wrapped my head around things yet, plus I keep having errors with the FPP booking for me under my Swan rez, something with a “FPP token planning” instead of normal tickets. Is this the downside to the Swan? (It was cheaper to extend my package with Swan for 1 extra day instead of ordering a 1 day park hopper…I think). Flight out of MCO leaves at 9pm, so we have nearly a full day of touring.

That’s what I have so far. In summary:
-still not effectively planned like I typically am
-not at all ready for this Wine & Dine race challenge. Genuinely worried…
-issues with my FPP booking after adding on a day…going to call Disney here shortly. Is this a Swan issue or just a Dizfinder issue?

Nothing earth shattering to add, BUT:

You might wanna look into breakfast/lunch at Swolphin. NOt sure when the race ends, but they have a Character Breakfast at Garden Grove on weekends. Some of the food is fantastic, some of it is not. Fresh Med also has a buffet, but closes early. Picabu is a no frills buffeteria. The Fountain is diner food - it’s good, but a little bit over priced. Not a lot overpriced, just a little. I think most of the other Swolphin places open later - they’re fancier.

Also, if you see a big guy and a 9 yr old boy with long-ish hair in the grotto pool (or any other pool,) having a blast, even if it’s cold out, that’ll be me. I’ll remember you from this post. We’ll be there at the same time.

Yes! Would love to meet up, I love meeting Liners!

If you like made-to-order tacos, nachos or burrito bowls with tons of topping options, Picabu is a great choice! They had some other good food too, but that was my favorite.