Procedure for signing up for Jedi Training

Can someone please describe the process for signing up for Jedi training. We recently did this at WDW, but have never done it at DL. Thank you!

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We just did this and I wrote up a tips & tricks on the chat. Copying here with a couple of Q&As from the thread as well as an additional tip! We are trying to the WDW sign-ups our first day, based on your experience at WDW is DL much different?? :slight_smile:

A few Jedi training tips & observations from our experience on Feb 22 2016 (CL: DL 7/8 DCA 7/7)

Q: Did they deny a spot for any of the little kids? Our DD4 can be apprehensive but she really wants to do it with her big sisters. It would be awful if they didn’t think she was ready.

A: the CMs were really engaging and energetic and very warm to the kids in a very preschool teacher loving way so I think that any kid who wasn’t responsive to the questions would struggle to be in the show.
That being said, I didn’t see anyone turned away because even really shy kids are responsive to that kind of one on one kind, friendly interaction.

  1. I loved the new format of pre registration! It really gives the
    planners/organized peeps & early risers an advantage which makes so
    much sense.
  2. Have your kid with you at the registration! So important. They
    actually now ask the kids a few questions as a pre- screening so
    they can gauge of doing the show is a good fit for them can they
    follow directions then ask them to touch the top of their head or
    some other simple direction to “test” them, also ask how old they
    are and if they want to be/are ok with being on stage). Once the
    screening is done they ask their name, fill it out on a little slip
    then send you to another line to pick a time.
  3. Go early! Right at rope drop wasn’t crazy but by the time we were
    back to check in for our show at 11:15 they didn’t have anymore open
    spots for the rest of the days’ shows. They allowed some people to
    wait to the side in case some of the pre-registered kids didn’t show
    up, but all of them 30 did.
  4. When you go to check in for your show have only one adult go with
    the child(ren) and then have the rest of your party go get your seat
    in the dedicated participating families area. The process to check
    in was slow and we stuck around to make sure our son was ok and by
    the time a CM directed parents to head to the show the section was
    all full so we were sitting to the side which was fine but if/when
    we do it again that will be our game plan.
  5. The adult you send to check in with the child(ren) will receive a
    PhotoPass card that will get all the photos for that show. You can
    go online enter in it’s code and then find all your photos to add to
    your PhotoPass or AP. If you don’t have either then you can simply
    purchase any Jedi Training photos loaded to the card.
  6. If you don’t/can’t make it to the pre-registration go to the check
    in 30 min before he showtime and get on the waiting list. I think
    everyone for the first 2 shows will probably still be around and do
    it but for the later shows it becomes more likely that they don’t
    show up due to being tired, having to take a midday break, decided
    to something different etc.

Q: Do you register at the same place they do the show?
A: The registration is at the exit of the Star Wars launch bay. Where the Autopia Fast pass machines are. That’s always where you return to check-in. The show is done in the Tomorrowland Terrace close by.

Here’s another tip offered by another Liner added to the thread. There are two photographers so make sure you get both cards. I had one daughter’s fight photos and could see sister with Vader on stage. I called and they easily found the 2nd set of closeups.whew.

I haven’t had a chance to see if we our photos only had one angle so I don’t know if we missed out on a card or not. But I’ll report back once we do find out!


Sorry for the delayed response. This looks fairly similar to our WDW experience.

What is your advice on an early entry day? Should the group enjoy attractions for an hour and then head over to sign up or forgo attractions and wait in the sign up line for the hour?

From what I understand, the line can start forming during early entry but registration doesn’t start until park open. However, people do start lining up near the start of early entry so if you chose to wait until closer to park opening it is possible you will be in an hour line for sign-ups. But those who start the line will end up waiting a very long time to start the process.

Me personally, I would not spend precious early entry time waiting in a long line. If you can manage it I would try to go on a non-early entry day. If your only option is on an early entry day, then if you have someone willing to hold the place in the line the rest of the party can go enjoy rides until the person holding the place nears the front. The kids will need to be with you so I would make sure to coordinate/stay in touch so you know when to have the kids come as they near the front.