Just wondering how everyone thinks the ProBowl being in Orlando will affect crowds? We are planning a trip Jan 20-25th and this new information has me worried about crowds. We picked January for lower crowds. Will this really affect crowds that much?

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thanks for the heads up. Which has created a head-ache. ugh. We were going to fly in January 28 - now along with half this country and a large portion of many others. Good thing I didn’t book anything yet.

I guessing that most of the people coming into town for the game will be more focused on all of the game hoopla than on touring WDW parks. There should be almost no impact on game day itself. WDW will be hosting some events, but they haven’t announced any specifics on that yet.

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I like your optimism, @bswan26! I need more, because I am FREAKing out! I had it all planned out, renting points for a villa, watching flights, and now I’m envisioning hordes of people in the parks to see players and special events in the parks.

I read on Attractions Magazine that there would be a parade of players in one of the parks. @len, will there be revisions to the CC based on this?

After a lot of back and forth, a perfect week picked out that won’t work now, I’d finally settled on Jan 20-28. Then they announced the Pro Bowl! I’m terrified people will fly down to do Disney before going to the Pro Bowl, or there will be events that draw people in. Why does picking a date in January or February have to be so difficult?!

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I’ll check to see how popular the Pro Bowl is. I don’t think it’s in the same league (ha!) as the Super Bowl or a playoff game.


Thanks, Len! I did some Googling, and in the past, it looks like TP changed its recommendation the last time the Pro bowl was in Florida, but I can’t find any data on whether the crowd was truly affected or not.

Another question that I was wondering about (which made us avoid Feb 4-6) - is it the Super Bowl that is prompting crowd predictions of 8 and 9 that weekend? Why would the Super Bowl cause higher crowds at WDW?

By all reports I’ve read here, the Super Bowl doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on park crowds.

Would it be better to come down before or after the pro bowl?? I was planning a trip the following week (1/28-2/4) and am now also super worried about airfare and crowds.