Problems with MDE today?

Anybody else having problems with MDE this morning? I kept getting error messages before when trying to change fastpass selections and it won’t even load now!

I had problems this morning. Both online and app. The app was just glitchy but I can not even go to the website for anything Disney parks using i.e. Browser. Had to switch browser to finish plans.

What browser were you using? I’m in Firefox. I’ll try switching too.

I switched over to Microsoft Edge and it’s working.

They told me when I emailed last night and called this morning (I got an alert for an ADR opening last night and tried to make it and kept getting error messages, but it was after hours) that they were having server problems. I don’t know how long that continued and if it only affected ADR or all of MDE. I did not get to move my Chef Mickey’s reservations due to the problems. But we do still have our original reservations.