Problem with WDW lost & found

Any advice on what to do next?

I dropped my hat boarding Peter Pan. It landed under the vehicles; you could see it, but not grab it with the vehicles moving. When we exited, the CMs said we could get it at park close or the next day at Disney Springs. We were going to AK that afternoon / evening and leaving the next day. They said to talk with Guest Services at City Hall. GS advised us to fill out the online form. I was seriously upset about dropping the hat (with my new pins from this trip and an irreplaceable non-Disney pin). So we decided to skip dinner and the evening at AK and head back to MK for close. MDE said the park closed at 9p. We got there at 8p and discovered there was an after-hours event from 9p-12p. GS gave us the same answer - fill out the online form. At this point I was tired, cold, hungry, and in tears. While I composed myself, my husband filled out the online form. We received several “we’re looking for your item” emails and a final “we can’t find it” too bad email. I may have dropped it, but Disney is the one who has lost it. No one other than a CM could have picked it up.

We thought maybe my husband’s description wasn’t good enough or maybe submitting the same day you lost the item caused an issue, so I’ve just filled out the form again under my name and email this time. Next step(s)?

Next step: write off your hat. :cry:

Hubby’s cap flew off on the first turn on Big Thunder Mtn. Inside the ride.

Filed out the form. Wrote emails. Gave horrible responses to how was your lost & found experience surveys. Nothing.

Disney has found our lost items decades ago.

No longer.

Similarly: Five - seven years ago folks on another board reported seeing a water bottle on one of the MK Mtns for months.

Did the form include you giving a description of where you’ve lost it? I wonder if items that drop down under rides aren’t retrieved daily. Worth sending another request for sure, but maybe don’t keep your hopes high.

I’m really sorry that you’re upset about it. It’s the sort of thing I’d be annoyed with myself about too.

Fingers crossed for you.

Don’t give up hope! My DS lost his hat in August in TSL, we didn’t really know where, we’d been all over. He thought he left it on SDD and the CMs checked every dog, but it was about 30 mins later, it wasn’t there and we assumed someone had probably taken it. I filled in the form - it was our last day so we couldn’t check back later or the next day - but we quickly got a response that they didn’t find it.

10 weeks later they emailed to say they had found it, and they posted it back to the UK within days.


We got DS’s hat back after dropping it in the water at Kali. It took about a month, but we did get it back.

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I got my new iPhone back in December. Don’t give up hope.


I had a similar experience unfortunately. Left a change of outfit and sweatshirt for each child in a drawer while packing up the rest of the bags. The last thing I needed to do was put those clothes into a backpack we intended to place in a locker at MK. But things were a bit crazy and we were checking out of one hotel and having the luggage transferred to another and my kids were going bonkers with excitement. We got to MK and realized I’d left the stuff in the drawer. Nothing priceless or irreplaceable but for sure they would be able to find and return items from our hotel room to us, right? Nope.


If the original report didn’t include any photos see if you have pics of you in the hat that you could send to them when you ask again (if you want to ask again).


Good news. I submitted a second report and they found the hat. Our guess is if you submit the report before the item is in the L&F system, it glitches. They also don’t seem to have any way to note that “that thing we can see belongs to this person.”

I can understand they might not find something that blew away, but we could clearly see the hat under the suspended vehicles. My husband was kicking himself for not getting back in line; he thinks he could have grabbed it.

As for photos, there isn’t any way to attach photos to the lost report which seems unfortunate.


I kind of want to hear the story of how this happened.
Did it work when you got it back?

That’s terrific! Faith in Disney restored.

That’s awesome. It’s good to know that timing of reporting is important. Helpful tip!

We have left 3 articles on rides.

We went to ride exits and got those 3 items returned.

Back in 1990, again in 2018 and then 2019 we realized we had items go missing. Two were way after the ride. The 2019 was right at the first turn of the ride.

We filed out the form each of the 3 times mentioned above. About 4 wks after our 1990 visit we rcvd the item in the mail.

No response at all to our 2018 item - which was a wallet. Probably not found by a CM.

LOTS of response from the 2019 cap on BTMRR. We’re still looking. Tell us again what did you lose and where? We’re still looking. Sorry we can’t find it. Please fill out this survey about your experience.

I’d almost rather never hear from Lost & Found than all that for a cap lost at a place only CMs can go. And of course it’s annoying because it was my hubby’s hat and first day of our trip.

So far we seem to have survived and I got him a better cap for Christmas. :blush:

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I left my beloved Mickey Nike baseball cap on RNR one night during DAH. I realised as soon as I was outside. I rushed back in in a panic and explained to the CM. She led me via backstage to the unloading area, where the CM in charge handed it over. The ride vehicles are apparently checked after every ride for left over items.

I left my iPhone in a men’s room at UOR. I realised about 10 minutes later. I raced back in a huge panic and there it was, exactly where I’d left it.

My iPod dropped out of my jacket pocket on a bus in York, UK, a dozen or so years ago. Someone found it and handed it in, despite its obvious value.



I left my new iPhone 11 in one of the 28 pods on MFSR. I realized it shortly after leaving the pod and back tracked. But all of the pod exits look alike!

I went to the front of the ride and told the CM. She asked if we remembered which side we were split. We remembered left and that’s how we learned that each side has 14 pods. She called up to the left pods but nobody had turned one in. She explained that the CM has 5 seconds to do a quick check for lost items before the pod reloads. But it is dark inside the pod. No iPhone was found. She told me to check back in a hour.

In an hour, they checked what they had at the entrance and called the left pods again. One had been found. When they brought it down, it wasn’t mines. :frowning: She told me to go to Guest Services to file a report. Whatever was not picked up at Guest Services by closing was sent to Guest Services at Disney Springs. It was already 2 pm.

DH tracked my phone throughout the afternoon and saw that it was still at MFSR. After 4:15 pm, it stopped tracking. I thought about erasing my phone at that point.

Around 7:15, we went to Guest Services. Even though DH didn’t get an email, they had my phone!:hugs::sweat_smile:

It was powered off. They powered it on and had me enter my password. Once the password was accepted, he had me sign my claim form and gave me back my brand new iPhone I bought for the trip. :pray:t3:


Last month I left a suction cup toothbrush holder (but somewhat complicated, it’s not obvious from looking at it how it works), on the mirror in our room at Boardwalk, 5309. I called less than one hour after we left, about 7:30 AM, to the desk and explained what and where the item was and how to remove it from the mirror. The desk clerk didn’t bother with it, just told me to submit the online form. After several “updates” they were “unable to locate my item”. I’d be willing to bet it’s still on the mirror in the room! All the CM had to do was walk up there or ask someone else to and take it off. But no, and by now probably no one can figure out how to remove it!


Besides that, we have lost 5 other items in the parks in the past year. One item was retrieved when we immediately returned to the ride. One out of 3 magic bands was found and mailed back to us. The other 3 items were never found.

Wow! Very lucky. I would be pretty upset about a new iPhone! But I guess they all understand about our smartphones.

My son left one in Star Tours and even all those exit doors look alike, too. (He got his back, as well). I dropped mine and shattered the screen on the Oregon Trail. Like, the real Oregon Trail. You can drive on parts of it, and we had gotten out to take pictures. When I went to have it fixed, the guy just looked at me like “Sure, lady.”