Problem with TP for HS for tomorrow (11/11)

Hi @len or someone

I’m having issue with my TP for tomorrow, 11/11, I’m trying to ride TSMM twice, once with my FPP at 3:00, but it keeps assuming I have 2 FPP for TSMM

Any ideas?

Click on Edit in the Basic Info area and tick the box next to Publish My Plan in order for us to view it.

Thought I did, does this not work?

It works now. I can’t see your FPP reservations screen, though. Double-check that you do not have 2 TSMM FPP reservations entered. Otherwise, e-mail - maybe there is a phantom reservation that you cannot see.

EDIT: I can see the reservations that are at the top of the print-out, but I cannot see that actual screen where you enter FPP reservations. My thinking is that there might be 2 reservations, both for 3:00.

Ah, I can see it. Yeah, it looks like it’s an issue. Let me see what I can do.

As a workaround, you could try setting the TSMM FP+ time to start at 2 pm. The first TSMM ride will be part of the FP at 3 pm, but the 3:18pm ride won’t. I’d use Evaluate for that, too.

Thanks for taking a look. I just tried setting the FPP to 2pm and evaluating and same result - double FPP.

OK. I have a workaround in the plan while I look at it.

OK. Found the error and am testing a fix.

@GrownUpLilo - this should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks! Plan is making a lot more sense now.