Problem with the new magicband upgrade

Im looking for someone who had a similar problem. I selected normal colors for the magicbands since there was no upgraded one that I found interesting for my daughters. Even if they were selected and order was complete I was able to go back and check the upgraded ones everyday.
Last week there was one that I knew my daughter would love so I selected one and replace the order.

I went back to check and now I cant change the order even for the complimentary one. I cant upgraded the other one. I sent an email to disney and they answered that when the order is complete it cant be change. Im pretty sure thats not the case since I changed it multiple times when they were all complimentary. I find it weird that they wont let me upgrade the other one. They are kind of loosing money no?

I think its a problem with the system that does not get the difference when just one have been upgraded.

Do you guys think I should call? Will I get a different service?

No. That’s how it works. With the free ones you can keep changing them, but once you’ve bought a premium one and checked out, that’s it. I imagine because they send them out straightaway, they want to stop people getting one and then changing their order and getting another for $10.

But since im from canada they dont send it to me, it will be waiting at the resort. I dont really what to do. I cant imagine my younger daughter not having a special one while her sister has.

I know. I’m in the UK and have the same issue. If the resort can even find them since they shipped them in May and we don’t arrive till Friday.

There’s no harm in ringing and asking if there’s anything at all they can do, explain the issue with one daughter getting one and the other not. Some people have had luck getting a voucher to buy one once they arrive.

I know the best answer is that Disney should make it right, but from what I’ve been reading that’s not likely. The people that I can recall saying they’d gotten help from Disney were people who checked out with certain bands in their cart then had something go wrong with the order, leading some people to get the ordered bands and other people to get gray rather than their selection. I can think of 2 ways to handle it for your younger daughter. The first is to order a full price Magic Band from the Disney website for her. The second would be to get a skin off Etsy or one of the other sites that sells them. The 2 advantages to the skin are that they’re cheaper than a full band ($10-ish vs $24) and there are a lot more styles available. I hope you’re able to work it out so both kids have bands they love!

Thanks a lot for the idea I didnt know you could buy skins. I bought 3 on magicyourband.
I got a R2D2 for myself and a slinky dog for my younger daughter and Im so excited to surprise my husband with his circuit board band :slight_smile:


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