Problem with AK Optimized Touring Plans

I’m doing the optimized one day Animal Kingdom touring plan on Monday, September 11th, but when I hit optimize, it takes my lunch break to 9:01 AM.

I haven’t done anything to the plan, just using default fast passes and hit optimize.

This seems…inefficient. I know I can move it to a reasonable lunchtime and evaluate, but I’m curious if anyone has insight into why this is happening.


Maybe just a glitch. Make sure your am and pm selections are correct and then just try again to optimize.

They are indeed correct. Optimized again, and same result.

Can you publish the plan here? Maybe we can see something that’s causing the issue.

I think I’ve figured it out. The default plans saves the meals as regular breaks, so it can move them to any time. Once I deleted and changed it to a meal break, it filled in at the correct time.

I don’t really care when I eat, so I almost prefer it the other way, but not if I have to sit down and eat right away.


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It still shouldn’t been moving regular breaks, as they have a set start time just like a meal break. There is some flexibility in the start time, but that normally defaults to 10 minutes. If you see this problem again, e-mail and see what they ave to say about it.

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I think maybe they gave you my plan by mistake - our kids start complaining about being hungry about 9:14AM every time we leave the house. :wink:


Make no mistake, I will be eating at 9am. I just don’t want it on my touring plan. :slight_smile: