Problem Connecting on MDE

Alright, I’m posting this here and on the Fbook group in hopes someone has a solution.

I have a MM share group that kicks off next week. My dummy account is running like normal, but we have had issue connecting users who’s plans are managed under someone else’s account. I can’t figure out the issue because it has worked for some but not for others.

For example:
We were successfully able to connect the primary MDE account holder for one of our members as well as her husband (over 18+) and her three kids (all under 10) who are all managed by her under her MDE account. We did this by putting in her email address with the individual’s name and age (birthday too when required).

However, I have two members that when we try to do this, it isn’t working. They are getting the invite. They are clicking accept, but then they are not showing up in the friends and family list for the dummy account. I just had one check to make sure that their list is shared and they confirmed that it is.

Anyone had this problem and solved it? Currently there are only 11 people linked to the dummy account so I don’t think it should be a capacity problem…

I had a similar problem, I called Disney and they fixed it over the phone

I just called, and they sorted it out for me. Still don’t know the issue, and the issue still exists, but we now have everyone connected.