Pro bowl 2018

Just saw that the Pro Bowl is scheduled for January 28th in 2018. Our trip is planned for that week! Should we stay the course, or bump the trip by a week (earlier or later)?

I would take a look at historic crowd levels for 2017 and see if there was any bump then due to the Pro Bowl. I don’t recall any issues due to pro bowl crowds this year - just fear from folks on if it would affect anything in advance.

I doubt you’d need to change, but at least there’s some data now for Pro Bowl in Orlando that you can check.

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We were there for Pro Bowl 2017 and it was significantly busier than in the past. (We frequently go the end of January) Touring plans bumped up the crowd levels by several numbers. As expected, Magic Kingdom was the busiest but crowds were ramped up at the other parks as well.


We were there this year (did not go to the game) and thought the crowd levels were quite low. We go for spring break usually, and January was so much less crowded (and not hot, actually almost too chilly after dark). I would go again in a heartbeat!
We were at MK on Sunday 1/29 and it was the least crowded I have seen it since 2011. We used 15 or so FPP, and many rides were walk on in the evening.

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We were there over Pro Bowl weekend this year, and just made sure to avoid MK on Saturday when there was a parade for it. That day we were over at Epcot and it didn’t feel too busy to us, and we got the added bonus of spotting some of the Seahawks players. :smiley: Sunday it rained in the morning, so MK was pretty empty all day. Honestly, the next weekend was busier than Pro Bowl weekend.

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Do people actually go to the pro bowl? Lol

This is exactly what my husband says. And my crowd tracker just updated and it isn’t listed so I assume it doesn’t warrant a change in levels. Idk