Private VIP Tours to include RotR starting July 11th

I’m reading on the DIS that as of Sunday, the private VIP tours will now include Rise of the Resistance ride without the need to get a BG for it first.

You can still only ride once per day.

I can’t find anything on the website but then the U.K. one is often not updated as quickly.


@ninjasherrie posted this in another thread

“ So, I’m hearing an interesting rumor, and I have a call in to see if I can confirm it, but…
Starting this weekend, VIP tours will get RoTR WITHOUT having a boarding group.
A few people in a Disney centric fb group for TA’s are reporting that they were told this by their Disney rep.
I called my host and they are trying to confirm.
If true, I guess this means you can now get in guaranteed for the low, low price of $5k or more!!!”


Confirmed. Had an email from my host this morning.


Yay! When’s your tour? And are you changing anything as a result?

Oh no I’m not doing it, my host means my host agency. I’m a TA.

So now we know the cost of a paid FP (or whatever they’re gonna be called) for RotR. :wink:


Well boooooo. :frowning:

Shouldn’t you try one out, on the agency’s account of course? You really need to know what you’re trying to sell to your clients……

And you could take along a few Liners as your guinea pigs.


My brother and SIL are not Disney people and both work in the music business. I was talking to my SIL just the other day about our upcoming trip and she was saying how she has only been to WDW once. :astonished:

I told her that I would be happy to include her in any of our trips. She replied that she thinks she was spoiled for any future visits since the one she did was a part of a group with a famous/successful musical performer and that they were “escorted through the park.”

While I am pretty good at planning, I dont think I can compete w/ a VIP experience!! :rofl:


I think you need to plan how to get your SIL to get you on another “escorted tour”. :blush:

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We had a plaid in our RotR group yesterday (not our plaid). So I have visual confirmation.


Yes, I also overhead a plaid yesterday telling a family that RotR would be included without a BG.

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