Private Fireworks Cruise questions

Been watching you folks on chat and learned much but have not seen the answer to the following question.
I want to book a private boat ride to watch the fireworks for my wife and me.
The only nights that would work for us would be September 9 or 14 both of which are Halloween Party night for MK.
Just saw Tim Trackers video on the party boat for the 4th of July and liked what I saw. Since the Halloween party night has fireworks in the MK at 10:15 can you still get a private boat for the fireworks?
I also see you can do it for illuminations how does the show look from the water compared to the MK?
We are staying at WL and would like to do it from there.

We will be doing an MK Fireworks Cruise on 7/20. I originally reserved an Illuminations Cruise and my TA shared that the boats line up under the bridge near France and if your boat isn’t in the front row, you don’t get to see as much of the fireworks as you might wish to.

On her recommendation, I switched it to the MK one.

I know when I booked the cruise, I was given my choice of location to leave from (we are having dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe, so GF for us). We have been instructed to meet at 7:45p for the 9;15p HEA Fireworks and the CM told me that if the fireworks time is moved, that we should adjust our arrival as well.

Do you have a link to the video you watched? I would love to check that out!

I have been watching lots of youtube to get ready and my favorite is Tim Tracker here is the Private Fireworks Cruise video he just posted

@cheftodd55 will have some good information for you too. He did up a killer private fireworks cruise not too long ago and I am convinced it is the way to go.

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You will love it. Excellent value, compared to a dessert party. Included in the price is bottled water and light snacks(chips, crackers, krispy treats) We called catering at WL(our departure dock) and had a cooler of beer and wine added to the boat. SO much fun! FYI, you can anything you want.

Excellent. Thanks so much!

My ILs are local and are meeting us as the GF for dinner then we will all do the cruise (may have a few other friends join us…not decided yet). Dd’s 17th bday is the next day so it is a celebration for her (of course we then added DAH the next night at MK too! :wink:) I thought about adding a cake, but they are pricey and dd said she was fine just having dessert at the GF Cafe. We’ll be fine w/ water and snacks.

Ooooooo, please let us know if you go ahead with it!

Planning for my parents 40th next February and this was an option concierge services suggested we do. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I expected, even with adding on extra food items! We will most likely be at WL or Ft wilderness, and I was told we could dock from either location. (Haven’t figured out the cast of creatures going yet. Lol)

We did a private fireworks cruise for my twin DDs birthday back when it was still Wishes. It was fabulous. At the time there was an option to have the boat decorated which we did. Not sure if that is still an option.

Thanks for the information. Do you know if it is possible to get a private boat for the late fireworks that go off at on Halloween party nights at 10:15. That is when we would like to do it as our other nights are rather busy with other activities.

Sorry, I don’t know for sure. If I had to guess, I would think they would take your money!!

Wondering if everyone who has already done these cruises could weigh in on small children being on the boat? I have two kids (ages 2 and 7) and we are thinking about this for our November trip. Anyone have good experiences with kids around that age?

Anyone go with little kids?? Have this booked soon with my 1.5,6 and 8 year old. Thanks!