Printing Tickets

Hi! I want to buy MVMCP tix and print them. After purchase, will I be required to print them immediately, or will I be given the option to print them later or to email to DH to print from work? Thanks!

I would imagine you could print them later but I can’t confirm that. Having said that, however, you shouldn’t need them. If you buy them while logged into MDE they will automatically link to your account which means they should work off your MB’s. Probably a good idea to have them just in case but even if for some reason you weren’t able to print them out as long as they are linked in MDE guest services would be able to find them for you.

I download the PDFs of the tickets. Came in handy because my 22 year old son has no idea where he put his ticket. Really, should not have surprised me, it is always amazing to me when he has shoes on since he loses those too.

So if I select print at home, it’ll give me a pdf to save?

Yes! I have a download file that includes PDFs of party tickets for MNSSP and MVMCP. I picked print at home when I purchased!

Oh! They also automatically linked to my MB!

Sweet. Thank you both!!!

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I usually just use Adobe software to create PDFs. At least, I’ll have that in my pocket as a just in case.

Funny, it didn’t even give me the option to print when I went back to order, but they are linked to our MBs! Just didn’t want to have to wait in GS line and couldn’t remember if resort concierge could give them to me.

It didn’t give me the option to print either even though I selected print at home option. They are, however linked to our MBs. I’m thinking that there might be an option to print tickets from the My Reservations page but I’m not sure. I’m hoping that we don’t have to print our tickets but hopefully I will remember to ask at check in.

Maybe it has changed? I ordered my tickets a couple of months ago. I bought both parties online at the same time.

So, if you only have it on your MB, how does that work for the party?

They will be able to scan your MB to check for the party ticket and give you the wristband.

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