Printing from MDE

Does anyone know how to print your full daily schedule from MDE? My hotel, ADRs and FP+ all show on the screen for the day, but when I print, the preview shows only the hotel and ADRs, no FP+.
On screen:

Print preview:

Take a screen shot and edit as needed and then print the screenshot. Easiest way is to paste the screenshot in Word or other document program.

Thanks. Unfortunately most days are more than one screen’s worth which makes it a PITA. I wish Disney had a way to print all days as an itinerary.

If you paste into Word and crop then resize, then take your next screenshot and crop then resize, you can make it fix on one page for printing.

The front desk will print your day by day itinerary for you. It has dining reservations, fastpasses, and anything you put in for the day (like parades, nighttime shows, etc). On MDE if you log in and go to “my reservations” there is a “print” button on the top right just above the “family list” drop down box.

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Thanks! I will ask the front desk when we arrive. Thanks for the tip on the My Reservations list. That will at least help me make sure my TPs are up to date.