Princess Weekend Bib Pickup

Despite repeated discussions as to the need to pick up her own bib at the expo my sister has booked a flight that has her landing at 9 pm on Friday night. We run the 10k Saturday morning. :woman_facepalming:t2: She seems to be strongly considering just missing the race and if that’s what ends up happening that’s fine just trying to figure out if I should bank on day of bib pick up being an option at all.

It seems like if this happens it’s unadvertised. Would anyone at the resorts be made aware this is happening the day of the race? Or would she have to get up and on the bus and over to the race course to find out?

There is limited pickup at the races.
She should bring all of her documentation and ID and there will be a booth there
She should plan to arrive extra early to get this done

And she should pray real real hard that there are no disruptions in air travel that day.

So actually I’ll correct this whole post to lead with: she needs to change her flight plan.


Agreed 100000%. Unfortunately I cannot control her ultimate decision making. WTF. I’m the oldest isn’t this my right to boss her around?!? I thought we had agreed for her to take a flight that landed mid-afternoon Friday. But apparently not….:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Clearly I’m annoyed by this.


Yes. You need to demand that the flight get changed, especially if you are running too. Just (lie) tell her there is no pick up on race day.

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Are you truly able to “let it go” and let it be her problem? How will it impact your race if she either does day-of pickup or misses the race?

If you think you can let it not be your problem then I think you wash your hands of it.

But if you either can’t or if this is supposed to be a thing you’re doing together… well, that’s a horse of a different color


So originally I had invited my mom to come with me to run this weekend. I ran solo last year and she was going to run the 10k with me and I was going to do the half alone. Then we asked my sis to join us for the 10k. Then DD wanted to join so I signed her and I up for the 5k. Then mom gets cancer so it’s just DSis and I running the 10k and now maybe only me. Sigh. I would not have signed up to run three races in a row had I known I’d be running the 10k solo I don’t think.

I paid for all of our registration fees and we’ve staying at CC on our DVC points and I have paid for her park tickets. Which whatever. But……I’m disappointed honestly and it’s kind of feeling like pulling teeth getting her to be there at this point. DD is so excited to be there with her aunt and has no idea any of this frustration is brewing for me so I’m most likely just going to let it go and try and enjoy the time we do have there together and just run my races for my mom and make that my focus.

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If she doesn’t make the race… I’d be mega pissed. You paid for it and she’s being so blase about the flight plans?? No. Hard no. That makes me mad on your behalf.

You’re a good human.

I’ll just say, siblings are not always the same as each other :wink: