Princess Weekend - 5k or 10k?

My husband and I are going to sign up for the Princess Half Weekend but we can’t decide on the 5k or 10k. We are not runners but the 5k was pretty easy for us last fall. Would love to hear some thoughts and opinions about whether you guys like the 5k or 10k better. I think both are usually through epcot. TIA!

This is an easy one… the 10k of course! More time on the race course equals more fun. Plus you’ve already done a 5k and know you can do it, the next logical step is the 10k.

and then the 1/2 next time

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We are hopefully going in February right @BenF12400 ??? I think @BenF12400 was on the fence until yesterday when he saw the Pandora sneak peak posted!

I too was wondering about the 5k v. 10k. I am not a runner; I did the DC Rock n’ Roll 5k as my first running event, and was fine until mile 2.5, then was more or less dry heaving to the finish. It was also 28 degrees. I don’t think I could do a 10k without a running partner and there is no way Benf will do a 10k, but could be convinced on a 5k since it is acceptable to walk it.

I would love to hear more about Princess Weekend though. Is it insanely busy? Are there certain resorts that are better to stay at versus others? We usually do YC and the 5k is at Epcot, but will I be able to get in through WS or need to go to the main entrance?

I did the 10K this year as my first 10k and my first Disney race. Loved it! I could not imagine only doing the 5k - would feel like the event was over before it even began. 10k also gives you more leeway to stop for characters and maintain the 16min/mile pace, if characters are important to you. There are some great ones out on the course. I stopped at about half of the characters - most had only a 3-4 minute wait, but Minnie in a Princess outfit took 9 minutes to get through the line!

@DizFinder - you won’t be able to cut through WS to get to the start, have to board a bus from YC. But the bus system was impeccable race morning (big charter buses, not typical Disney buses). We stayed at the Dolphin, but any Disney resort has race transportation. Advantage to staying in Epcot resort area is that it is easy for the non-runners in your party to come right outside the resorts to cheer you on in the 10k - no official spectator spots for the 10k other than the finish line, unlike the half marathon.

It is definitely acceptable to walk the 10k, too, but you just have to be mindful about the 16 min/mile pace. So would be power walking or run a minute, walk a minute. [And please don’t be a jerk who lies about their intended pace to get in an earlier corral.]

I also did not consider myself a runner, until I started running early in 2016 specifically so I could do runDisney events! Now I am hooked and signed up for the Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge in November :slight_smile: