Princess Tips?

We’re headed to DL/DCA the second week of December so crowds should already be low-ish… but I am open to any tips on princess meetings! It looks like there’s a royal hall in Disneyland and Anna & Elsa in DCA? How long are the lines? I’ll gladly take the scoop, please and thank you :blush:

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Princess Hall will be 1-3 Princesses usually all surprise. Sometimes they will list one specific princess and leave the rest as a surprise, but lately I haven’t seen them list a specific name on the board out front.

Going the first hour of park opening will be a short line (20 minutes of so at most) but also will usually only be just 1, sometimes 2 princesses. They add a 3rd princess closer to 11-ish but the line will be 45-60 min.

Also, on busier days they will use some magic so that double the princesses can be meeting (so everyone will get 3, but depending on which hallway you are directed to once inside your 3 princesses could be different then the 3 princesses on the other side). That’s the main reason they don’t announce the princesses so they don’t have to field requests to see certain ones on one side or the other. If they do add a second side, then around noon the line will be very low again and that’s my favorite time to go see it.

Princesses we have seen most in the Hall are: Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora & Belle. But we’ve also seen Elena of Avalor (from the Disney Jr. show), Princess Minnie (Minnie in a fun princess dress), Jasmine & Mulan.

Outside the Royal Hall they sometimes have princesses meet at a purple umbrella in the courtyard where the Hall & Royal Theater are. If they have anything scheduled for that day, they’ll list on the DL App, but I haven’t seen anything lately in the times I’ve checked. Other places they may have princesses meet but may or may not be scheduled: Wishing Well next to the Castle & Small World mall area (a raised set of plaza’s between Small World & Matterhorn) & right up front in front of the floral Mickey before the train station. Merida, Belle, Aurora & Ariel will usually be the ones roaming around in these areas.

Also, Tiana can be found some days meeting on the Mark Twain when it goes around the Rivers of America, Pocahontas in the area surrounding Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland & Moana in Adventureland. Again those may or may not be announced in the DL app.

As for Anna & Elsa, Kristoff and/or Olaf could also be there but it varies wildly if/when they are. That line is a good one to hit early as well though because it can be a 30-40 min. wait. The good thing if there is a wait there though is that the line for the Meet is in the lobby of the Animation Building so you have the entertainment of the continuous loop of clips of Disney & Pixar animation set to music with lights projected on the floor & a 360 display of sketches between the screens. It’s one of my favorite areas in DCA and makes that line, even if long, a real easy wait.


Oh I forgot to add! If you see the Storytelling at the Royal Theater show (they are 2 different stories they tell: Belle or Rapunzel’s), sometimes the princess who just finished up re-enacting her story with the fun theater company will come back into the theater about 10-15 min or so after the show and meet with only those who lingered in the theater after the show. If it’s Rapunzel’s story (and she has time) Rapunzel & Flynn will come out & meet together, so that’s a really fun meet too.