Princess' @ MNSSHP - Regular or dressed for Halloween?

Does anyone know if the Princess’ are in their regular dress or have Halloween Costumes on?

I’ve read somewhere that if you have a kid who wants to see a character normally not to take them to see the character during the Parties as they will be dressed to reflect the party not in their Normal dress/attire. Is this the case for the Princesses/Face characters.
This being my nieces first time to meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elena, etc she will probably not want to see them not dressed as she is used to.

In my experience, the face characters are the same as always for both parties. Of course, I haven’t been to them for a few years, but that is what I remember. I’ll be able to let you know for sure on either Friday or Tuesday, depending upon the weather.

They are dressed in their normal attire. I believe the only characters that are in “Halloween” attire are going to be Mickey, Pooh and Friends and then any of the fab 5 you may see elsewhere in the park. Everyone else should be dressed in their normal attire.

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