Princess Meet and Greets are Changing

Hi all! On the Fantasy meet and greets with Anna and Elsa are now ticketed and it appears that the princess meet and greets are going in this direction as well. On the Dream sailing last week, the princess meet and greet was also a ticketed event.

Tickets are free, and can be picked up at guest services.

FYI if you're sailing soon! They do run out, so get them early! smile

Thanks for the update. We are sailing on the dream sept 25.

Hello! We are taking our first cruise next March! How does this work? Can we reserve tickets at guest services and pick them up or is it first come/first serve? Is there any way to find out who and where character meet and greets will be? Thanks so much!

Hi Treyandkatie! They are first come first serve. Go to guest services and they will give you a choice of times for the princess meet and greet. It's working the same way for Anna and Elsa.

For all other characters, they'll be listed in the daily activities in the Navigators. There's also a screen near guest services listing them for the day. We've found cruises are full of "Characters in the Wild" as we call them. Those are characters just roaming with no particular meet time set. We make a habit to cut through the atrium whenever we are on our way somewhere because that's where you will most often run into them. smile

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