Princess Half - self park - important info!

For anyone running or spectating the princess half and driving yourself there, there was some discussion in a FB group I’m in about needing to park at HS and take a bus to the start at Epcot. There will be NO SELF PARK available at Epcot that morning and you must be on a bus from HS to EP no later than 4am

I guess it is in the event guide but could be easily overlooked


Thats new. I wonder why they are doing it that way.

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Looks like it’s just for the 1/2 & I think it has to do with the construction outside of Epcot. I think a road has shut down since marathon weekend. Glad I’m on property & taking the bus.

RunDisney also sent out an email just about this. I know they are notoriously bad with communication, but they seem to trying on this one! LOL :rofl:

Yes, just for the half