Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2025

I was out…I retired from running…but I LOVE this theme!
(Registration opens July 30th)


Wow nice theme!

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My DD5 is already excited to “run the princess race” in 2030 when she is old enough. DS9 and DS7 have no interest in running with me. But DD5 can’t wait to dress up as Belle and run through the parks with me!


Someday I’ll be able to do a Princess weekend

But right now, it conflicts with hockey playoff season.

This is a fantastic theme and I love the style of the artwork


Oh I think my DW would love to do this, but there’s a conflict with her work schedule. Blah. Every 3 weeks, she has to work that weekend, and 2025 runs into Marathon Weekend, Disneyland Half and Princess. But she is on a roll with the first two, so she was able to get out. She doesn’t want to press her lunch with a race she’s never actually run