Princess Fairytale Hall

The last time we were in the MK (February 2018), at one point I noticed the sign outside said Tiana & Mystery princess. Can anyone tell me what princesses they’ve met when it’s a mystery? Just wondering if there is any chance of meeting Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) or Elsa or Anna there? Thanks!

One side is Cinderella and Elena, one is Tiana and Rapunzel. Anna and Elsa are only in EPCOT.

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Aurora used to be at Town Square, but I think she’s only in the France pavilion at Epcot now.

We visited Tiana and Rapunzel in the morning but when we walked by later in the day it said “Tiana & Mystery” princess. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and who the princess was. They are all in the FOF parade, so I was wondering who the surprise guest might be.

I don’t recall if it said Tiana and Mystery Princess, but I can say that when we there in April 2018, Rapunzel wasn’t there and we did meet Aurora at PFH.

I asked a CM when I saw that when we were there in June of 2017. They said it was Aurora. My daughter was dying to meet Rapunzel, so they advised us to come back about an hour later. This was all apparently a secret though… they didn’t really want to disclose that!

We were there on Sunday and it was Aurora and Tiana. They wouldn’t tell us before we entered. I was disappointed bc this was our only chance to see Rapunzel and we saw Aurora at 2 other meals. I don’t understand why they stated doing this.

Most likely, they were having enough trouble keeping Friends of Rapunzel on staff, and so in order to be able to ensure that Rapunzel is meeting some of the time, they say “Mystery Princess” and allow Rapunzel to get her beauty sleep from time to time while Aurora or another princess greets in the space instead.

Would be nice to have her schedule then at least.

There’s also the (ahem) multiple room problem, so it’s possible that there would be Rapunzel and Aurora both there but it’s not announced who you’ll see because not everyone goes to the same room.

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Interesting. I was there at RD after PPO BOG. At that point it looked like everyone was going in the same room.

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I’m not sure you can tell because of the way they do the corridors and corners but they might only have one room open at rope drop.

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