Princess Elena of Avalor Welcome Show


Has anyone seen this show? I think I read somewhere this is a 5 minute event, but the TP shows it as 0 minutes in duration. I had it in our touring plan because my daughter likes Elena and I thought it would be fun to see her in her Disney debut. However, I picked up FPs for Enchanted Tales with Belle this week and that change completely wrecked my beloved touring plan. If I pull Elena out of the new line up the touring plan looks so much better. Am I going to regret skipping this show?


Its quick and has multiple times during the day. She then exits the back of the castle and takes a small tour around Fantasyland. I would check the Times Guide online for future dates. When I was researching a few weeks ago it appeared that October 9th was the last day for it. Rumors having been that she will join Cinderella in Fairytale Hall sometime soon too.


It is worth it to see, but I don't think it is the kind of thing you will regret missing if you can't make it.