Princess character meals?

the last times we went, when my kids were younger, they had princess meals at Ariel’s Grotto at DCA. I understand that restaurant is being redone. We will back in July 2019 with our younger nieces. Is there/will there be a princess meal by then? Unless I’ve missed it, there doesn’t seem to be one now?

There is currently not a princess character meal, and there have been no plans announced of a new one. I am sure there will be one eventually, but where or when is anyone’s guess.


I miss having a princess character meal so much & am anxiously waiting for them to figure out what they will do to replace one. I know they are re-configuring the character meals at Paradise Pier’s PCH Grill and Grand Californian’s Storyteller Cafe. But not too many details at the link I put in there, most notably WHEN the characters are changing.

My husband & I have speculated that either River Belle Terrace or Plaza Inn will have princesses. I think I’ve heard someone else speculate about Red Rose Tavern in FL could potentially be a princess bfast. And that doesn’t even consider Downtown Disney or any of the hotels. Maybe the brand new hotel coming in a couple of years will have some super Princess dining?

Anywho, all this to say, I’m missing a princess meal fix at DL right there with you!

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Well, it’s back. Kind of. At what, double the price of any other character experience? Granted, it’s an enhanced experience. But yikes…

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Cinderella’s Royal Table at WDW which has princess dining inside the castle at MK is about $82 for 3-course dinner including tax and tip. Breakfast is around $65. I know Napa Rose is an outstanding restaurant, but this is very high.

They are probably trying to find out how high they can push prices.


I agree. They raise ticket/hotel prices and more and more people come, so why not try it with the meals? If it is successful, I expect more of the character meals to go up.


It’s so spendy. For a single meal. Granted there do seem to be some ‘extra’ elements (goody bag, mini-storytelling session with the princesses, and a portrait at the end) but I still feel it’s a cash-grab rip-off & have my doubts that it will actually be worth the price (and who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong).

My doubts on why I feel like it won’t live up to the price include: 1) the goody bag is likely nothing more than 1-2 cheap trinkets, 2) the storytelling session seems like it may replace the 1:1 princess interaction at each table & so the shy/reserved kids who don’t like putting themselves out in a group setting will be left to the back with less of an interaction, and then, 3) they are basically forcing you to buy the PhotoPass photo that they would previously upsell.


FYI, for fun I checked out some available reservations for the new $125 Princess experience at Napa Rose. I poked around for the first 2 weekends in April and found availability for party of 4. Based on times, I’d say there are bookings. will be interesting to see if they are at capacity as it gets closer or not, which will be a big factor if they can justify keeping it at that price point…

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I think everyone was shocked when they announced this because of the prices. Its just crazy expensive and I know me and my family won’t spend that much. I imagine some people will though.