Primeval Whirl - what's up with the CL stats?

Okay, I was at AK yesterday, Primeval Whirl was not running, yet the Crowd Level main page claims they were within +8 of the correct predicted time for this ride. And if you jump to yesterday’s date to see how they did predicting vs actual time, they list times for the Primeval Whirl. This makes me wonder what’s going on???

Those predicted wait times PW are from last year’s data when PW was still operating full time on those dates. I assume they haven’t pulled them b/c the ride is operating “seasonally” - (whenever WDW thinks they should open it due to crowds) - and don’t want to remove the data just in case it suddenly becomes available.

OP is referring to actual wait times posted by TP for yesterday:

If the ride was not operating, then why would TP post info for Primeval Whirl (including a supporting graph if you click the Primeval Whirl link):

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Something’s definitely wrong. Notice how the average time actually seen is exactly the same as the upper bounds of each predicted wait time.

Paging @len on this one.


Not sure. I’ll ask @fred.

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These charts can give unusual results when an attraction is down all day. If this was a scheduled closure we would suppress it. However, we did receive a submission in Lines of ‘CLOSED’ which we treat as receiving data. There are no observed wait times in that chart so what we are seeing is the predicted wait time and the live day-of adjustment. Both of which are meaningless in this case.

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