Primeval Whirl out for how long?

My August 15 AK touring plan is not happy because is says Primeval Whirl is closed. Did I miss something? I thought it was just down through the 3rd.

Nobody knows how long it will be down. The manufacturer went out of business, so they are possibly struggling to get parts.

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Hopefully they will never open it again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think that was debunked. Reverchon is still functioning, and the company’s website even has an order form for spare parts:

Fair enough.

Nobody knows how long it will be down.

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Two sites, WDWNT & WDWinfo, claim it is scheduled to reopen 7/4/19. Now… those sources have been having “reliability issues” lately so take the news carefully.

You can book Primeval Whirl FP on MDE starting on July 14th


It’s now going to be closed until Sept 28:

I had a FP for it for Aug 22, and this afternoon I received an email from Disney replacing it with a FP for Everest.

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Good trade, but I’d miss it if I didn’t get to ride PW.

Booooo. I know it’s not the greatest ride in the world, but it seemed like a decent enough something else to do with our kids. It was also down on our previous trip. I guess we are destined to never ride. Never to whirl back in time.

That will give you time to strengthen your spine and neck so you’ll be ready to ride in the future!

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It’s possible they are re-fitting the ride vehicles with individual restraints, given what happened in the Yorkshire theme park recently.

And there is conflicting info on the company too now.

My guess is that Disney are doing this themselves. If they intend to re-open it of course. It’s possible they may not. Especially with a rumour of something to be announced for AK at the D23 Expo soon.