Prime Now?

Anyone had stuff (like bottled water, what I’m thinking…) sent to Disneyland Hotel via Prime Now? I’m a frequent user but never had it sent to myself at a hotel…if we are not there at time of delivery can they leave it with front desk? Should I make special notes on the order?

I’ve called asking this exact question before. The short answer is “no.” To receive a delivery that does not come into their shipping and receiving area, i.e. Amazon Prime Now, food delivery, etc., you must be downstairs in the lobby or out front ready to receive it. The reason given was related to liability. Since they have no idea what is being delivered, they wouldn’t want to be held responsible for items that might be perishable or damaged. Hope this helps!

Thank you! I was wondering! What about a shipment via UPS, like a regular Amazon Prime Pantry order? I’ve done this at WDW.

I would guess it’s possible, but I would call the hotel to ask.

We have shipped Amazon to WDW but, never DL.
We tagged the shipment with our reservation number.
Not sure if that works for DL though.

I was able to have a Prime Now order delivered to DL Hotel, they just asked that I have it delivered the day before due to their screening process and that I have “In C/O my name and arrival date” on shipment.
It actually was a huge ordeal to track it down after I checked in. The front desk could not locate it…then checked elsewhere and no one could find it. She said it should be w/ Bell Services but wasn’t. I finally gave her my number to call me back when she located it (we were heading out to the park), but on a whim on our way out my husband decided to just ask the gentleman at bell services and it was right there! They then had it sent up to our room.