Pricing query


Hi All,
So in the interest of making our budget go as far as it can ( isn't everybody?) I am a bit confused , could be that I don't get the US tax system, but.... If I am looking at 10-16 Sept at POR with 2 days in the park NO HOPPER for 3 adults I get $2173 but if I buy the room and tickets separately its $2168, not a lot different but one would think that buying the tickets and accom that you would get a better deal.... Or am I missing something...... party is myself and husband and 14 year old. I may have picked the garden view over the standard room. Another or.... OR is the benefit that you get the magic hours with the package and not with the separate purchase tickets?
Thanks again you guys are all a wonderful help, If any of you have a better option please let me know... We only need 2 days in the park and are staying for so long as we have extra days already from a previous trip.

the Aussie trying to make the most of this trip...


You always get the EMH with a room, no matter how you got it. Make sure all the taxes are being included in the room price. There are several small taxes on each night.


If you are buying tickets separately can you purchase US discounted tickets?


Disney "packages" typically involve the same number of days admission and nights at the resort. You have 6 resort nights, but only 2 days admission; so that might be part of the issue. But I always book my hotel and buy my tickets separately, so I may not be the best to comment on this.


When I've priced packages vs. pieces/parts in the past the cost is usually nearly identical. I'd consider $5 effectively identical. DIS isn't really giving you a discount (obviously) for booking a package, although for some special deals like free dining they do force you to book a package. Now to be fair, the package will often include a few perks like "free miniature golf" or a day in the waterparks/DisneyQuest which might be worth something to you. If not, it cost you $5 for one stop shopping...

One other thing to consider is the cancellation policies for "packages" are different than room only...


I agree it's only a small difference, I suppose just used to how it works at home. Just curious. Appreciate your replies. I'll buy it all as one transaction so I can pay it off and collect them at check in, hopefully that will even out the exchange rate a little as for an Aussie $1 we are getting USD$0.70​:cry: Last time we came it was even so it's pretty much costing as much with 1 less traveller.... so hoping for a deal.... just wondering how long I can hold out before booking now.... nothing for our dates although they are fairly flexible ..