Pricing out a resort package - taxes

I am confused by something. In an effort to try to get the best estimate for prices when we go to the Contemporary, I was playing around with package options on the Disney site.

When I did a room only price, it listed both pre tax and total with tax as soon as I added to the cart. But when I added a package instead by adding the tickets, the listing for tax went away. So I am confused it the package price actually contains taxes or not. It makes a huge difference.

I am reading differing opinions when I try to Google the answer.


Yes, a package include taxes. I always go all the way through to the payment page to see the total.


Awesome. Thanks.

As a follow up, do the prices listed for things like the dessert parties, etc., also include tax? It certainly makes budget planning much nicer if it does.

No, I do not think it includes tax.