Prices Tumbling. Swan vs. Swan Reserve?

I have been watching the room prices at the Dolphin, Swan, and Swan Reserve tumble over the last few weeks (for my travel dates of 11/26-29). I have already rebooked my room at the Swan twice saving nearly 400 dollars over the 3 nights. Now, the Swan Reserve is barely more than my room at the Swan. Should I consider switching? Traveling solo and will be attending MVMCP on my arrival day. Then, 2 days of park hopping, starting my days at AK and MK and ending at EP and maybe HS.

If I’m only interested in a good night’s sleep and proximity to parks, is it worth switching?

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  • Dolphin is closer to Epcot / Skyliner
  • Swan is closer to Hollywood
  • Reserve is between them. Slightly closer to Swan than Dolphin

In terms of closeness, I’d say you’d be within margin of error to call the walking the same between them.

I can’t speak to bed quality and sleep, haven’t stayed at any of the 3

If I was in your shoes, I’d switch to the Reserve. Since it’s typically more $$ than the others, I’d take advantage of the deal and return to try the other 2 another time.

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But on the far side of the Swolphin resort from EP and HS.

For proximity, I think Reserve would be my least favorite option.


For this reason, I would want a significant savings to stay at Reserve over the ither two.


I’ve stayed at the Swan Reserve in the past, and if you already have a good deal at the Swan, I would just keep it. The Swan Reserve is beautiful, but definitely feels more like a hotel than a resort, whereas the Swan or Dolphin hide the fact that they are just hotels much better. The layout is a little awkward (parking in back, escalator to check-in at the front) and I found the breakfast options (besides Amare) are limited with long lines and waits. The walk across Epcot Resorts Blvd, and then across the Swan / Dolphin property, and then Crescent Lake to get to the parks just feels a lot longer than you expect. It’s still absolutely walkable to either Epcot or Hollywood Studios, but longer than you think. My sense was that it looks closer to the parks on a map than in real life.


I’ve stayed at all 3 of those properties. The Reserve is a slightly longer walk. It was definitely nice but not sure I’d pay much of a premium to stay there especially if I wasn’t going to spend time there.

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It’s been a bit since I walked over that way. Maybe I miss remembered them not being that far apart

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