Priceline Express Assistance Last minute trip THIS WEEK

I have booked a last minute trip beginning Thurs 10/15-Sun 10/18. I would normally dig further but due to the time crunch, I MUST get a hotel booked asap and am looking at the priceline deals.

I see what I confidently believe to be yacht club. 4 star 9+ with spa for $271 water view.

I see another 4 star 9+ with spa, fitness center, pool. King Bed resort view for $201. Is this Disney?

I cannot find anything that I think to be CBR based on the recent blog post criteria listed. Anyone willing to take a peek for me or let me know if the other 4 star listing is a Disney resort? All help is appreciated!!

@JJT, could you answer this?

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You saw these?

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I think I saw most, but thank you for sorting them that way for me! I’m going to double check the hotwire deals. My daughter loves pop.

I am getting the likely YC deals in results intermittently when I search your dates on Priceline Express too, but it is giving me a “Sorry! Gone!” message when I try to hit the booking page.

I did find a Dolphin deal for your dates for $114 per night (before resort and parking fees).

(For the record, that is among the lowest Dolphin rates we’ve seen in a long time - since some in late 2018 I believe.)

Unfortunately, on Hotwire the first 2 dates in your trip were blank spots for Disney resorts as you can see in the calendar in my post. There are still deals for both Pop and CSR starting again on the 17th, but that doesn’t help you if your dates are not flexible, I know.


Thank you!! looking into Dolphin pool now.

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When i choose the two double bed option, the resort fee is $90, but when i choose the king bed option, the resort fee jumps to $174. Is this normal???

It appears to be an unfortunate glitch. When i look at dolphin on regular priceline, the resort fee is $30/night regardless of the room type I choose. For some reason on priceline express, it is $174 resort fee ($58/night) for the king room (the one I really want). I’m going to go ahead and book the double room since I’m in such a time crunch. Happy to be on the boardwalk without paying YC prices! Thanks again for all the help.


Sorry, I didn’t get a notification on these last 2 messages, just saw them!