Priceline/Coronado Springs Booking Frustration

Looking for some advice here…I just booked a “girls trip” for my wife in her 3 friends in March. They’re staying in a Coronado Springs room with 2 Queen beds. So, 4 adults. Priceline, by default, only sets you up with 2 adults. I’ve been back and forth with both Disney and Priceline, trying to get the reservation changed to 4 adults in the room. This will allow all of the women, among other things, to get their own MagicBand. As of right now, I can only set 2 of the women up on MDE.

There’s a definite language barrier on the Priceline side of things, but Disney is basically telling me it’s out of their hands…Priceline has to be the one to send the updates to the reservation before they (Disney) can fix it.

Anybody have any experience with this? Any tips?

I have seen that there is a special number to call to add guests…I think it is Disney Wholesale?? I will try to find it.

Definitely try Disney Wholesale Department at 1-407-939-7671

Thank you guys so much! I’ll give the number a try later today and report back.

That number worked! Took about 5 minutes and everyone was added. Thank you guys SO much for that number!


Did they charge you extra for the two extra adults?

Nope…the room is for 4 “people”. 2 queen beds. That could be any combination of kids/adults, IMHO. But, no, she said nothing about an additional charge.

There is a nightly charge for any additional guests over the age of 18 after 2 adults .

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I’m not doubting you, but where is that spelled out and at what point would the charge take place? She made absolutely no mention of that.

Does it make a difference that I booked it with a 3rd party?

Just chatted with Disney online. She told me point blank they can’t “see” the reservation Priceline booked. As such, no extra charge!

Wow, that’s good luck. I’ve stopped using Priceline for a couple of reasons:

  1. Hotwire allows you to specify the number of people
  2. The screwed me over when I booked a room for my wife and she showed up and the hotel had nothing for her. Priceline did absolutely nothing to help me out and made it seem like they were doing me a favour by refunding me.
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