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We need a category for other Disney Parks @len! There have been DLP and also TDL discussions going on. It would be nice to have a place to park them.

The Real Questions
When does DLP have fireworks in November?
When does DLP have the parade in November?

Today, the parade is at 5:45 (1745) and fireworks are at 11 PM (2300). It stays brighter longer at DLP during the summer. This isn’t so in November.

I’m trying to plan dinner ADR and want to plan around the fireworks and parade.

ETA: Paging @melcort10 and @sanstitre_has_left_the_building. I think you’ve both been to DLP a few times. Any thoughts on this?


Yes! There has been such an uptake in the non-US Disney parks lately! I love seeing the reports.

I have, alas, only been once during the “Covid times” of no shows. But my sister in law has gone a few times lately so I will see what the opinion will be. I would 100% assume that the parade and fireworks will be much earlier in November. It will be cold!


Thank you!


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Hahaha hopefully not frigid! Just way colder than WDW in November when I last went and still managed to sweat my butt off. I’m going to be in Germany and Italy in December and then it will actually be cold. :snowflake:

I have no information.

The last time I went to DLP was during COVID times and they weren’t doing fireworks or parades.

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Disney in Detail (blogger) has done a trip to DLP recently…and she did one a few years ago as well. Both were during colder periods, so you might check those out.

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In addition, it might be nice to have a category for Disney discussion in general not specifically related to a specific park or resort. Those typically just end up in the WDW main category.

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Thanks! You need hop over there. Gotta be cheaper than coming to WDW!

Thank you! I’ll go look.

I’m going at the end of July.

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If it’s late November then you’ll get the Christmas parade which is around dusk so 5ish. Think the standard parade was running too when we did december back in 2019.

No idea on firework times- also our last visit was 2021 before FW were back. But they do hustle you straight out of the park as soon as FWs finish- no rides open and no chance to loiter for ohotis- maybe hiding in a bathroom might have been the way to go.

Looking at photos it looks like the fireworks were 7pm on dec 2019. And early park opening was 8am at the studios.

Do make dinner reservations - there aren’t many options once the parks close and the hotel restaurants book up.

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Thank you SO much for the detail!

We depart DLP on November 16th.

This helps! Thank you!

Parade 5ish and fireworks at 7! :scream: Dinner will need to be after the fireworks, then.

We paid the deposit for DLP in March. I was able to get early lunch reservations for Walt. The rest of the available reservations were for the hotel restaurants. Early last month, I was able to pick up Remy’s for an early lunch. Dinner reservations for the park restaurants haven’t dropped, yet, I don’t think! I’m staying onsite and should be able to book restaurant reservations a year in advance but that hasn’t been the case! :sob: I’m checking everyday for dinner at Remy’s and Captain Jack’s.