President's Week Crowd Calender Question

We decided to book a trip in February (though this was supposed to be a year off from Disney :wink:), and the week we’re planning is the week of February 16-23. I know that February 18th is President’s Day in the US so I was expecting crazy crowd predictions, but right now the TP Crowd Calendar is totally reasonable (a few 8s but also lots of 4s and 5s). I’m assuming this will change? Other crowd calendars are definitely more ominous.

Our other trips were late April (after Easter) and early May, so the crowds were pretty manageable. Will we be ok President’s Week or should we totally avoid it? We’re looking at that week because DD8’s school has an extra long weekend so she’d only miss 3 days of school.

Did you see this thread?

Len commented on the crowds. I am retiring that week (and have gone in the past). I would say it is usually less than Easter.

I did not! Thank you! I searched “President’s Day” but not “February”. That’s very helpful. I’ll expect to be busy, and hope for the best!

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Here is my response from another post! The only different info than what’s stated is Mardi Gras is in March for 2019. Have fun planning!!

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