Presidents’ Week? And which hotel?

Contemplating taking a trip (like 5 nights?) to DLR and looking at my school breaks. I know Easter/Spring Break would be nutty, but how would Presidents’ Week in February be? And weather-wise?

Also if I do it (also contemplating a cruise), I would most likely splurge on either Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier Hotel. Any recommendations between those?


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We used to go in Feb all the time. DS14 has his bday on Valentine’s Day. Some have said it can be rainy, but I have never experienced that. What I have experienced is jeans/T-shirt weather in the day and sweatshirt in the morning and evenings. Probably one of the nicer times of year to go weather wise IMO. While it may have some crowds, I think it is very doable. I have come to the conclusion that DLR operates better with moderately heavy crowds (7,8,9), as they are usually fully staffed and rides are operating at capacity. I know you usually travel solo, so Maxpass and SIngle Rider will be your friend!

As for the hotels, my DH is spoiled and refuses to stay off site, despite the fact that there are some great hotels closer than PP and DLH. I have stayed at PP 4-5 times and DLH. Recently, each time we have gone, it has been more cost effective to stay at DLH. I have to admit I wasn’t all that impressed with DLH the first time we stayed there (Jan 2018). I thought the rooms were small and dark. I know it was referb a few years ago, but the room we had was already showing significant wear. The next time we stayed there it was a price I couldn’t refuse and it was summer (July 2018) and they have hands down the best pool, so I wanted a nice place for us to escape the heat and crowds. This trip I fell in love with DLH. We ended up in a south facing room which significantly brightened the room. The room was is much better shape and the layout made more sense. We spent a lot more time wondering around the hotel and loved soaking in all the historical exhibits in each of the lobbies of the towers. I also liked closing down DL and then riding the monorail back to the hotel after my family bailed on me earlier in the evening. That is a very long winded answer for, if the prices are close, go with DLH. I just booked it again for September, as we are going for the Halloween party. It was $30 more than PP.

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Thank you!!

We went in Feb 2017 and Feb 2018. We love this time of year because we can escape our cold winter. 2017 it rained most of our trips and was a bit chilly. We wore ponchos 2 of our 4 days in the park and had soaking wet feet one of the days. 2018 it was in the 80’s every day of a 6 day trip. So I think it can be either way in February. Both trips were great despite the weather. When it was raining, the crowds weren’t out in as big of numbers, so it was pleasant even though we were wet.

Thank you!

Disneyland Hotel all the way!!!

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We are also looking at President’s week, Tuesday 19-Saturday 23rd. I grew up going to DL, but haven’t been in over 10 years. Planning this trip feels like it’s all familiar, but also new. Any travel tips are appreciated! I’m still trying to figure out how Max Pass works. We do WDW regularly enough to have that system down to a science.

I’m worried about crowds, but it seems that crowds are the new normal and still manageable with tour plans. I don’t think we can afford Disneyland Hotel unless they offer a significant discount, does anyone know if they offer anything that time of year? Right now it’s $500-600/night. :scream: Any suggestions on good neighborhood hotels? CandyCane Inn? Thx!!!

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Anyone been to GC since the refurb?

I have been there since the refurb, but have not stayed in it. Guy Selga of touring plans has a nice walk through video showing the newly refurb’d room on YouTube.

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