President's Day Weekend - worried about crowd levels

Will I regret a President’s Day weekend trip?? Reading about all the higher than expected crowd levels this January has me very nervous for President’s Day weekend - which is already planned crowd level 10 days. I am a big planner and follow all the tricks for our trips and will use Genie + and ILL and we are staying at a deluxe resort which will give us extra evening hours at MK. All that said, I have always gone on trips for low crowd level days, so I’m getting worried that this trip will not be as fun as I was hoping.

All busy week travelers out there want to help convince me this is a good idea???

If you went on this trip and expected low crowds you could be disappointed, but you will be prepared! I often travel President’s weekend/ week and I have always had a great time. I arrive on the 20th this year (if all goes as planned) and will be at the MK deluxe night too! It sounds like you are planning on using all your tools to have a trip you will enjoy.

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Thanks! I love all the planning and follow all the tricks, but this will be my first level 10 crowd day. Thank you! Hope you have a great trip.

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You too!

Crowds will very likely be crazy, but you are a Liner are will go in prepared! I think the key for you will be managing expectations going in. If you do that, you can have a great WDW trip any time of year!

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Yep be sure and take advantage of deluxe extra hours. Everyone raves about them. Don’t miss those.