Presidents’ Day/Mardi Gras (all the holidays) Trip report

We were so much on the go we didn’t use the clubhouse facilities but driving but it looked fun. Our townhouse had a small pool which we did take advantage of. It looked like most if not all the properties had private pools. Location I think is perfect I don’t think any of the parks were more than 15 minutes away. There’s a Walmart within walking distance and a lot of restaurant options. I would absolutely rent there again.

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AK CL:2 6.5 miles

I haven’t paid for parking the whole trip so I decided to pay for preferred parking today especially since we left a little later than I anticipated. We headed to Navi river first and waited about 30 minutes in a constantly moving line.

After that we lost our stroller so while my husband looked we took a few Photopass pictures. Once we located the stroller we headed to Pongu pongu and got the night blossom and my husband got the rum blossom. It was a bit too much lime for me but the kids loved it. We got our first wilderness explorer badge and then headed to Africa. We had to go the long way around because the bridge was closed due to flight of passage line. I can’t fully recall what time we got in line for the safari but we were on by 10:20 the animals seemed so much closer than the last time we rode this. Next we headed to rafiki’s planet watch to do the animation experience and get more wilderness explorer badges. Not sure when we got online but we were on a train by 11:45 ish. We did the affection station and got one wilderness badge before heading back. Then next animation experience wasn’t until 12:15 and I didn’t want to be late you our 1:00 yak and yeti reservation. After getting off the train we grabbed a snack (Simba pretzel are so cute) . On the way to our reservation we stopped at a few Photopass locations and did 2 wilderness explorer stations. The food at yak and yeti was delicious. We got the spicy calamari for an appotizer and DH got shrimp lo mein also very good. I have heard the desserts here are good but we skipped them as my kids have been asking for a Mickey ice cream since Monday. After lunch we headed to expedition Everest but it was closed so we kept it pushing to dinosaur. Hopefully Everest comes back up because it’s my sons favorite. D inosaur has a posted wait time of 60 but Lines has it at 45 so I’m hoping for the best. This was the first line that I’ve had to deal with people not stopping where the lines tell them too. The wait turned out to be 55 minutes, and the ride scarier then I anticipated. Just our luck after getting off I checked the app and Everest was open so we booked it over. With a posted 25 minute wait and an actual wait of 6 minutes I felt very accomplished. We met up with the rest of my family and we saw 3 more calvacades Donald and daisy, the drummers and Mickey and Minnie. While doing one of the wilderness explorer spots we saw the rafiki and Timon one in the distance. We saw the most calvacades in this park. We are ending today we flight of passage with a 50 minute posted wait. Got in line at 4:26 and waited 25 minutes. Animal kingdom is slowly making its way to my favorite park.




I never understand when people say they can skip this park or that it’s just a zoo.


That was my first impression - skippable - before my first visit there. I’m so glad I listened to the hive mind they said go!

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Mmmm bread service! And you hit the jackpot on the safari!

We’re interested in Windsor Hills for our next trip, but it looks like those houses book up fast, so I’m not sure we’ll be able to get one because we aren’t ready to commit quite yet.