Presidents Day Accuracy

I’m new to this forum and hoping someone can help! On the Disney park availability calendar HS is NOT available on February 15 & 16 - yet the Touring Plans Crowd Calendar has HS at a level 2. Is this possible? Or have the Touring Plan Crowd Calendars had trouble with predictions during the pandemic? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

From the historical crowd calendar, HS averaged 3/4 around Christmas and new year. Of course park passes were sold out. So I would figure around 4 is more likely. You could look at these past dates to get more specific info on wait times that may be comparable to presidents day weekend.

Thanks so much! :blush:

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I knew this was coming

I know from a friend that CMs are blacked out of Epcot beginning on 2/13.

EP holds a lot of people, even with a reduced capacity!

Here’s park res availability