PreRD BOG ride plan

We have a pre RD BOG breakfast. We have FPs for 7dmt in the evening (only time option), and FPs for PP and BTMRR mid morning. Only MK day, but were there in January. DS wants to ride Splash.

WWLD? Head straight to 7dmt because we’ll be in Fantasyland and may as well ride twice? Would Splash be reasonable right after 7dmt? TP is saying do Splash at like 10:40, and it’s our longest wait of the day. Go straight to Splash after breakfast?

Will you not ride Space? In April I did not go to 7DMT. I went to PP, Winnie the Pooh, Space Ned then over to big Thunder/ Splash by 10:00. I do think that 7DMT is a much better attraction at night.

DH tried Space on his own last time, said it hurt his neck, it’s not on our list. Was thinking about heading right to Splash.

Splash will have little or no wait for the first 45-60 minutes. I was off PP by 9:02. I do not think your TP can accurately predict the first few attractions when you are actually starting in the back of the park before the gates open.


I agree - I think you will be able to get on 7DMT right away, then ride splash a couple of times and maybe even BTMRR, depending on the crowds.