Preparing for Rain

Don’t quote me on this (my memory is a bit foggy) but I seem to recall that Dumbo shuts down in the rain. We scored several anytime FP when a storm was rolling thru by booking available FP for a slightly later time and then they flipped to anytime when rain kept the ride shut down.
Just one more positive thing that can happen when it rains in WDW! :heart_eyes:


Yesterday the forecast was ominous. It was spitting on and off in the AM. We had a good shower around 10:30 or so that lasted mate 15 minutes. We did IASW and it was done. So find an indoor queue and attraction. Everyone else does too so it will have longer lines. Then a couple more spritzes the rest of the day. Don’t panic!

Just know how to modify plans on the fly to do indoor things if it rains. Even try to modify FPP.

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