Preorder Adult Entrees for kids @ BOG DDP?

We have the DDP, can we preorder 4 adult entrees at BOG breakfast (2 adults and 2 kids DS5, DS7)? Not sure I want to but curious if that would work?

Yes. They do not distinguish QS credits as adult or children with the DDP.

Yep! I would definitely do this! My kids loved this meal and we were so glad for the extra food.

Along similar lines, do you think 4 adults and 3 kids might be able to share 6 or even 5 QS credits and still have enough food? 2 of the adults are 80+ and don’t eat super rich foods at all and the kids are 9, 7, and 5.

You could share if you want something small. I found the meals to actually be a lot smaller than I anticipated for a meal, even for quick service. I also didn’t find the food very rich and really kind of meh. I don’t really plan on eating there again unless we are on the dining plan and doing PPO.

In addition to the entrees, they bring a plate of pastries to the table to share. I believe I’ve heard they will bring more than one plate for larger groups or if you ask for more they will just bring it. Light eaters may just want a muffin, danish or croissant. I ordered 2 adult and 2 kid meals for 2 adults and 3 kids (8,6, and 2) and just ordered an extra kids milk so everyone had a drink. It was plenty of food with very little waste. We wanted to get over to 7DMT after PPO breakfast, so we didn’t need to spend more time eating more.