Pregnant & Traveling in September- Zika Concerns

We had planned a trip to WDW the 3rd week of September with our 5 year old son when we found out I was pregnant (yaaaay!!!), how is Disney handling the Zika control, should I be concerned about traveling there? We are staying on property, and don’t plan on leaving the property, besides Disney Springs one day. I will be 28 weeks at the time of travel. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Don’t want to frighten you but our UK gvmt ihas advised against travel for pregnant women to Florida at this time Anyone who has been there recently Is being offered screening and counselling now.

Consult with your doctor. Hopefully he/she is well informed on the subject as it pertains to pregnancy.
Ask if being out of the 1st trimester is significant in reducing your baby’s vulnerability.

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Here is what the CDC says about the area in Miami:

I second the idea of having a long conversation about this with your OB. I wouldn’t rely on Disney to keep you safe, as I don’t think there’s much they can do to control mosquitoes completely on property.

And congrats on Baby 2!

The CDC also talks about how to protect yourself while pregnant in an affected area, when symptomatic pregnant women should be tested, and asymptomatic women with exposure should be tested. Right now CDC is the best resource. New info comes out weekly, but there’s more we don’t know than do.

I would speak with your OB and follow their medical advice. However, there are many women who live in Florida that are pregnant, and they aren’t going anywhere. Bug spray is your friend. Good luck!

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Definitely talk to your obgyn. I ended up staying home from a Vacation to France (sending my husband and son to a family reunion without me) while pregnant on the very conservative advice of my doctor (for a different reason of course). I cried, of course, but in the end, it was OK. In my first pregnancy, my husband and I were planning a baby moon to Mexico at 6 months, and also on the advice of my doctor, we switched to a US destination. So glad we did. a friend of mine who I met after she had kids told me that she and her husband went to one of the Caribbean islands for their babymoon, and went into premature labor and gave birth in a remote hospital in a relatively under developed island country without nearly the care required for a preemie. Thank goodness everything turned out ok, but it was touch and go. When we swapped OBGYN stories, and she learned how mine had strongly advised against Mexico for that very reason, she was hopping mad that hers had encouraged her to go without any thought to the healthcare or hospital systems of the country. of course, yours is a different question, but it all leads back to your doctor. Talk to him or her, and get a second opinion if need be. I’ve changed one highly anticipated vacation and outright missed a once in a lifetime France family reunion because I was pregnant, and I don’t regret either, despite being very, very bummed at the time. Good luck with your decision.

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Definitely talk to your doctor. I delivered at 26.5 weeks and had a rough start but DS is now 24 and has college degree. Your baby may be developed enough to be unaffected by Zika. People recently said more bites on their trips. Good luck.

Wondering if you decided to go. We have a trip planned in 3 weeks, and we are going to keep an eye on the CDC site, and if nothing changes, we’re going to go. Thanks!