Hi! I am writing from Brazil; sorry for the possible errors! Since this is a “complex” question, i will try to be objective to make easier to understand!

  1. i have a trip to orlando with my wife and friends. From 26 january to 06 february.
  2. Last week, we discovered that my wife is pregnant! We are very happy, but concerned about what we should do about the trip.
  3. On the time of the trip, she will be with 30 weeks pregnancy.
  4. I know that many (many!) major attractions of disney and universal have the “pregancy restriction”.
  5. But here’s my doubt: is that serious? I mean, if she rides on that attractions, is there a risk for the baby or the biggest risk is her to be sick, with nauseas?
  6. I guess the major roller coasters (like hulk, everest, rock it, aerosmith…) are really not indicated, but i am not sure if there is a real problem for her and the baby to ride simpsons, dinosaur, transformers, kali river, and even harry potter, space and splash mountain…
  7. Of course, we only go even take the flight if our doctor says its ok, but, once we are there, we need to know what she can do, to decide if we should cancel the trip: i really don’t want to ride with all our friends while she waits for me - i would be a little sad.

Again, i am sorry if i was not clear! In this case, please, let me know then i try to ask in other way.

Thank you VERY much!

Speak to your doctor and look at the recommenations for each ride. Do not risk your unborn child or wifes wellbeing on advice from strangers on the Internet. FYI alot of rides are not suitable for pregnant women due to sudden stopping and how jerky they are and at 30 weeks the restraints will not be safe for her either. Hope all goes well.


Hello! Thank you very much!

Of course, as i said, the final e principal word is from our doctor. No doubt about it and what she says, its said.

Here, on this forum, i am trying to reunion elements that will help me and our doctor with the decision, understand? I certainly will not take the answers as a medical advice, but i think the experiences and iknowledge the can be brought here by other member, especially people who already faced the same situation, can be very helpful.

I really appreciate your help and advice!

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Anything that’s listed as a warning for pregnant mothers would be an avoid in my book. If, heaven forbid, there were complications with the pregnancy, you don’t want to be wondering if it was that one roller coaster at WDW that caused an issue. It’s just not worth it.

I think your choices are to cancel the trip and look to come back later with the child, or plan on the trip but playing it low key, enjoying nice meals and the calmer rides which WDW believes are safe for all. There probably is a list somewhere, but unfortunately I have no idea where, of the rides that do not have pregnancy warnings. Taking a look at what rides can be done would help, and of course there are lots of shows to enjoy. It also sounds like you’re traveling with a group so you’ll need to determine how touring would go either waiting for them to finish the thrill rides or venturing out on your own would be.

Congrats on the impending child - hope all goes well…

Welcome! I think the issue on many of the tides are the safety systems. Some rides that have warnings, such as Big Thunder or Everest have a “hard stop” built into the ride. If something goes wrong they immediately stop the ride. If you are going down hill that sudden stop will put the bar right into your wife. It does not happen often, but that is why there are warnings.

I’m not an expert by any means but I don’t think many of the rides would probably be safe for a woman at the 30 week mark. On your list, Simpsons, Dinosaur, Transformers, Harry Potter, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain (and possibly even Kali River) would all be OFF limits in my opinion. They all offer sudden jerks and stops at any given time during the ride which like others have pointed out, could be very dangerous for the baby.

I’m afraid most rides at Universal and a large portion at Disney would be off limits.

My best advice would be to either plan on not riding many rides at all or trying to rearrange the trip to be after the baby is born.

Congrats to you both!

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Many of these rides have jarring movements which can be quite detrimental to the baby, risk for breaking her water, damaging her placenta, etc. These rides are on the “do not ride if pregnant” list for a reason, and you should heed the warning. I would also discuss your trip and your questions with your wife’s obstetrician - only he or she knows the full extent of your wife and unborn child’s health status and can advise you most appropriately.

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Here’s a link for you with a list of safe/unsafe rides:
Pregnant at DisneyWorld

Some of the rides may sound unassuming such as Dinosaur but are actually very jerky and rough. I would definitely avoid any rides with a sign that recommended not riding for anyone with back issues and they might not even let her on if she is that far along. Her doctor can probably explain why these rides are unsafe better than most here.

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I completely agree with everything posted by people above. I can tell you what I was willing to risk when I visited while 30 weeks pregnant.
Magic Kingdom: it’s a small world, Hall of Presidents, Country Bear Jamboree, parades, fireworks, Dapper Dans or any Main Street show, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Jungle Cruise, Liberty Square Riverboat, Philharmagic, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Winnie the Pooh, TTA PeopleMover, the WDW Railroad, Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid, Carousel of Progress, Enchanted Tiki Room, and any meets and greets. I skipped Peter Pan because part of it was suspended and I didn’t want to chance having to climb down a ladder. I skipped Pirates of the Caribbean because of the drop at the beginning. But as you can see, there’s plenty to do and see in the Magic Kingdom if your doctor decides it’s safe to fly there without doing many rides at all. Similarly, I didn’t get on a single ride in Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or Epcot and found plenty to see and enjoy. It did help that we were there in winter and the heat wasn’t an issue. You can skip ALL the rides at all 4 parks and still have a wonderful trip. Looking back, however, I don’t think I’d visit again when I was that far along. Walking was very uncomfortable, and I could only eat small meals frequently, which made expensive table service meals VERY expensive. Besides her safety, keep her comfort in mind too. If it’s your first, there may be a lot of factors that neither of you might think of now. Postponing the trip might make it much more enjoyable in the long run.

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FOLLOW whatever the suggested posting are on the rides. It is NOT worth 3 minutes of fun. The signs are posted for a reason

By the way, I would not ride ANY of the rides you listed in your point number 6. Simpsons, Dinosaur, Transformers, Kali River, Harry Potter (both), Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, all are ride simulators that are much too jerky. Her balance and center of gravity will be off and her ability to keep herself steady will be lessened. I would not even do things like Kilimanjaro Safaris.

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Being 30 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable. I suggest you get her a wheelchair because even walking around is exhausting. I agree with everyone else. Err very much on the side of caution to be safe.

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I would like to thank you all personally!

Thanks very much for all the help e the answers. Each one was important. I could not thank you enought for the time to help me.

As the logic say, we will only go on the atractions allowed. Of course the final word is from our doctor, but every answer was useful and helped our in some way.


Is this your wife’s first pregnancy? Be sure to buy trip insurance. I delivered at 26.5 weeks. I know someone who delivered later but was at the shore. Mom and baby were at a hospital several hours from home until the baby could go home.

The Unofficial Guide to WD gives a pretty good description about how rough each ride is. That might help guide you a little more. I don’t know much about Universal but in terms of DW, there are tons to do even if your wife has to skip the rougher rides. I would say there are only a handful of rides at each park that would be considered too rough for a pregnant woman. There are many wonderful shows, character meets, and parades that she would still enjoy.