Preffered Room - Caribbean Beach Resort: Room Request still up to date?

I’m setting up my room request and noticed that Disney is only listing Martinique as an option, while touringplan fax request also offers Barbados (which i would prefer).

So, does Barbados still offer preferred rooms?

Thanks in advance

I’m curious, where are you seeing a list from Disney for preferred rooms? I did a quick search and checked the site and couldn’t find anything “official” stating which was which.

Online Check-In. Since i booked a preffered room, i figured that’s the only ones they offer.

WOW! That’s the first time I’ve seen anything beyond very generic “low floor/high floor” requests via online check-in. I didn’t realize they added more options for preferred rooms.

Everything I’ve read online shows preferred rooms are also in the Barbados buildings, and Disney always limits their options on the check-in room requests, so I’d assume there are preferred rooms in Barbados.

I’d set up a fax room request for Barbados via TP. I’m not sure which they give more weight too, so I’d avoid using the request on the check-in in case they decide that request supersedes the fax request and the requests conflict (as in, they can get you in a corner room if you request that on check-in, but not a corner room in Barbados Village, so they decide to put you in a corner room in a different village even though you’d have preferred a non-corner room in Barbados).

Edited to add: I just went to online check in for our standard room reservation for CBR in December, and I have the same exact options that you are presented with, so I assume those are the generic request options everyone receives for CBR. In which case, definitely ignore them and go with a TP fax request because every person who doesn’t know about faxing requests will be selecting one of those 3 options.


I would 100% agree that if you are using TP or a call to Disney then do not select anything through on-line check-in.

That will overwrite anything else. You need to make sure any requests you make say the same thing.

Can’t help with the room request question though, sorry.

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Ok, thank you! I will stick to my plan.

I’m also booked in a preferred at CB. Am just starting to look into the room requests, any particular reason you prefer Barbados over Martinique?

Barbados is closer to the Pool, to the Skyliner & to Spyglass Grill. You could argue that it’s further away from the foodcourt. While this ist true, i’d rather walk the extra yards in dry cloth, than the opposite.