Preferred room at Port Orleans Riverside - Room and building reccommendations?


We will be staying in POR in a preferred room in April. Any recommendations for either buildings or particular rooms? The cast member at time of booking told me all the preferred rooms were pet-free but the unofficial POR website says dogs are sometime in building 15 so I don’t know whether we should specifically request to avoid that one…

We went for a preferred room at the time of booking due to the size of the resort and we thought that would ensure we were close to the bus stop - since doing more research I now understand that we may find ourselves at a disadvantage as the buses are often full by the time they get to the south stop!

Any tips?


You know we have stayed at POR a lot and I be darned if I can remember which stop is first and which is last. Sometimes they change around. As far a where you stay it all depends on how quite you want it to be. Bus stops are pretty close to all the buildings. My wife and I like the antebellum type setting so we always request Magnolia Bend. Magnolia Terrace is the building we stay at. Alligator Alley is the other section and as we have never stayed in that section, I can’t tell you much about it. Never have had a bad room and Magnolia Bend section is where the restaurant, bar and store are. It is not hard to get around there and everything is less than a 10" walk. Now buses can fill up but it all depends when you wish to leave for the parks or come back from the parks. I can tell you this much, that if you leave the parks close to closing you are going to be standing on the bus on the way back. One other benefit staying at POR is the boats that go to Disney Springs and back. Hope this helps :grinning:


West is first pickup spot.


We should be in Alligator Bayou from what I’ve been told as we’re a family of 5 and the murphy beds are only in this section. Also all the preferred rooms are in AB.

I would personally like to be in a more secluded section if possible so we can go to bed early but also so when we’re rope dropping I don’t worry about disturbing other guests - this is probably unrealistic in such a big resort at a busy time of year!

We are planning to rope drop EMH during our first week and the second week we would like to watch the evening shows so unless hours are extended we’ll probably be leaving with the masses apart from MK. Having commuted in and out of London for years I’m very used to being squashed in with no seats, grumpy smallish boys will doubtless moan whatever though :joy:


Most people are quite nice as men generally give up their seats for women and children. Not all mind you but it is the thing to do here in the States for many of us who grew up with manors. People do get tried though at the end of the night and just want to get back to their resort. But even at 69 years old and from the Central US I was taught that this was the thing to do. I am glad to see for the most part that many younger people are doing the same. :nerd_face:


My mother brought us up to give up our seats as children for adults and my boys do the same. When they were younger they’d sit on our laps if there weren’t enough seats but I would certainly expect them to stand now. - My eldest will be 14 by our trip and is almost taller than me, so although a skinny one I don’t think I need to worry about him on a crowded bus too much!


We just stayed in a preferred room - building 18 , room 1843 - at POR. We were there the week before Christmas and yes, busses were crowded, but I don’t remember us ever having to wait for a second bus. As it got later in the week I did start using Lyft more.

As for disturbing anyone or being disturbed, I found POR to be super quiet. Probably the most quiet resort I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere. I stayed at Beach Club in 2017 and there was a lot of noise - probably just our location.